Top Scorers
Goals   Player Club
31 (8 Pens) Henry Arsenal
22 (6 Pens) Shearer Newcastle
19 (2 Pens) Saha Manchester United
  (1 Pen) van Nistelrooy Manchester United
17 (1 Pen) Forssell Birmingham
Assist Leaders
Assists Player Club
14 Di Canio Charlton
13 Izzet Leicester
11 Barry Aston Villa
10 Giggs Manchester United
Most Goals From Open Play
Goals Player Club
21 Henry Arsenal
18 Van Nistelrooy Manchester United
17 Saha Manchester United
16 Forssell Birmingham
  Shearer Newcastle
Most Goals From Free Kicks
Goals Player Club
3 Tarnat Manchester City
2 Beattie Southampton
  Berger Portsmouth
  Henry Arsenal
  Jensen Charlton
Most Goals From Penalties
Goals Player Club
8 Henry Arsenal
6 Shearer Newcastle
4 Anelka Manchester City
  Owen Liverpool
Most Assists From Open Play
Assists Player Club
9 Duff Chelsea
  Giggs Manchester United
8 Barry Aston Villa
  Malbranque Fulham
7 Beattie Southampton
  Pires Arsenal
Most Set Piece Assists
Assists Player Club
9 Izzet Leicester
6 Di Canio Charlton
5 Emerton Blackburn
Penalty And Free Kick Assists *
Assists Player Club
3 Boa Morte Fulham
* A assist awarded to a player who won a free kick or penalty by either being
fouled or by diving that resulted in a goal being scored.
Top Overall Attackers
Player Club Goals Assists Involved
Henry Arsenal 31 7 38
Shearer Newcastle 22 3 25
Saha Manchester United 19 5 24
Beattie Southampton 14 8 22
van Nistelrooy Manchester United 19 3 22