On the sunny side of the Alps!

First of all Slovenia isn't Slovakia, Russia and not Slavonia!
We are a coutry in middle of Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia.
We are independent from 1991, till then we were under Yugoslavia.
The highest mountain is Triglav (2864 m) and we have 45 km of
seaside. Biggest cities are: Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Kranj,
Murska Sobota, Koper,... but the biggest is Ljubljana (330000
people). Our country is 90% Slovenian. The religion is Roman
Catholic. The coutry is "chicken - shaped".


SLOVENIA : Greece 2:2/0:3
SLOVENIA : Norway 1:2/0:4
SLOVENIA : Latvia 1:0/2:1
SLOVENIA : Georgia 1:1/2:1
SLOVENIA : Albania 1:0/2:1


Team G W D L Goals Points
Norway 10 8 1 1 21:9 25
Slovenia 10 5 2 3 12:14 17
Greece 10 4 3 3 13:8 15
Latvia 10 3 4 3 13:12 13
Albania 10 1 4 5 8:14 7
Georgia 10 1 2 7 8:18 5
PLAY-OFF MATCH : SLOVENIA : Ukraine 2:1/1:1


Zlatko Zahovic 9 goals
Milenko Acimovic 2 goals
Saso Udovic 1 goal
Aleksander Knavs 1 goal
Miran Pavlin 1 goal
Milan Osterc 1 goal


Zlatko Zahovic 21 goals
Saso Udovic 15 goals
Primoz Gliha 10 goals

Milan Osterc 5 goals
Ermin Siljak 4 goals
Milenko Acimovic 4 goals


Ales Ceh 48
Marinko Galic 46
Dzoni Novak 46
Zlatko Zahovic 45
Darko Milanic 39
Robert Englaro 36


Sultan Kavbus stadium, 500 viewers
Referees: Fadhil, Al Shahi, Al Qasmi, Al Harrassi (Oman)
1:0 Udovic (83), 1:1 Yassir (90)
SLOVENIA : Simeunovic (Dabanovic), Karic (Udovic), Rudonja, Milanic
(Milinovic), Galic, Knavs (Bulajic), Novak, Ceh (Istenic), Osterc,
Zahovic (Acimovic), Pavlin
Yellow cards : Karic, Galic; Masoud

SLOVENIA : Oman 4:0
Sultan Kavbus stadium, 400 viewers
Referees: Abdullah (UAE), Al Shahi, Al Qasmi, Al Naqbi (Oman)
1:0 Pavlin (15), 2:0 Zahovic (32), 3:0 Udovic (57), 4:0 Acimovic (67,11-m)
SLOVENIA: Dabanovic (Simeunovic), Bulajic, Rudonja (Novak), Istenic,
Galic (Milanic), Milinovic, Gajser (Karic), Acimovic, Osterc (Udovic),
Zahovic, Pavlin (Ceh).
Yellow cards : Attaie; Istenic
Red card : Bulajic

SLOVENIA : France 2:3
Stade de France, 63820 viewers
Reffere: : El Arjoune (Mar)
0:1 Milinovic (2), 0:2 Udovic (8), 1:2 Trezeguet (63), 2:2 Blanc (73),
3:2 Trezeguet (90+)
SLOVENIA: Dabanovic, Milinovic, Milanic, Knavs, Novak (Gajser), Ceh,
Karic (Galic), Pavlin (Pavlovic), Rudonja, Udovic (Osterc), Zahovic
Yellow cards: Zahovic, Pavlin

SLOVENIA : Saudi Arabia
To be played in Ljubljana on 3rd June 2000.


Born : Maribor, 5.12.1975
height : 190 cm
weight : 86 kg
club : Tirol Innsbruck
position : defender
appearences : 20
goals : 1
1st "A" appearance : 5.2.1998 (Iceland)

Aleksander is FC Tirol Innsbruck's best defender and one of the best
defenders in Autria. Foreign mannagers are crazy to sign him. Tirol
didn't let him go to Leeds at the start of this years season. Before
coming to Tirol he played for Olimpija Ljubljana.

Born : Maribor, 1.2.1971
height : 180 cm
weight : 76 kg
club : Olympiakos Piraeus
position : midfielder
apperances : 45
goals : 21
1st "A" appearance : 7.11.1992 (Cyprus)

Zlatko is a true leader. The best Olympiakos FC midfielder was the
best player of Slovenia in the EURO qualifications. He should leave
Olympiakos this summer. He played for Partizan, Guimares, Porto.

Born : 12.12.1968
height : 180 cm
weight : 75 kg
club : LASK Linz
position : attacker
appearances : 35
goals : 15
1st "A" appearance: 7.4.1993 (Estonia)

Saso Udovic played in Slovenia, Belgium and Switzerland before settling
in LASK from Linz where he is the best scorer and 5th best scorer of the
Austrian league. He owns the record for most goals on one match (against
Iceland, 5 goals) in 1997.


Born: 16.7.1963
former clubs: Ljubljana, Olimpija, Dinamo, Partizan, Stuttgart, Sampdoria
coach: Slovenia (U-21), HIT Gorica, Slovenia
appearances: 31
goals: 5
appearaces: 5
goals: 1

Srecko Katanec is one of our best footballers. He played for many good
teams and won the Cup Winners Cup with Samporia and was a finalist
of the UEFA Cup with Stuttgart. His biggest succes as a coach was the
qualification for EURO 2000 with Slovenia.


SLOVENIA's play in very attacking when we play with weaker teams, and
can be more conservative as we play with bigger teams. At that time, we
have 4 defenders, 5 midfielders and 1 attacker. If we are the better
opponent the style is always 3-5-2. We play with fast counter-attacks as
the ball gets to Zahovic who gets it foward to Udovic or Osterc. Many
time Zlatko finishes the action himself. Our defence is very good with
good-old libero Galic, Knavs and Milanic on the sides. The midfield
works good with Novak, Ceh, Zahovic, Pavlin, Rudonja. We have few good
fowards the leader is one of the top Austrian scorers Saso Udovic.
Katanec's joker is Red Star Belgrade midfielder Mile Acimovic. Our
strenght is our defence, our weakness is our attack, because our best
scorer is a midfielder!

The atmosphere in our national team is very good, infact it's great. All
players and coaches are friends, no "mobs" are in the team. Srecko
Katanec did a very big improvement on this thing, because it wasn't so
great at former coach Dr. Zdenko Verdenik. The press doesn't say much
about our NT, except our only sport paper "Ekipa" except when games are
to be played.


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