#1 Form

23.2 Italy 1-0 Sweden
29.3 Austria 1-1 Sweden
26.4 Denmark 0-1 Sweden

Sweden 2-1 England
Bulgaria 0-1 Sweden
Sweden 2-0 Luxemburg
Poland 0-1 Sweden
England 0-0 Sweden
Sweden 1-0 Bulgaria
Luxemburg 0-1 Sweden
Sweden 2-0 Poland

Sweden win the group with 22 points out of 24 possible.
England and Poland tie second place with 13 points.

#2 Record against group opponents
v Belgium (2-1-2)
Date Venue Score Competition
28 May 1953 Home 2 :3 L World Cup Qual
08 Oct 1953 Away 0 :2 L World Cup Qual
19 Oct 1960 Home 2 :0 W World Cup Qual
04 Oct 1961 Away 2 :0 W World Cup Qual
21 Feb 1990 Away 0 :0 D Friendly
v Italy (5-4-7)
Date Venue Score Competition
25 Jun 1950 Brazil 3 :2 W World Cup
11 Nov 1951 Away 1 :1 D Friendly
26 Oct 1952 Home 1 :1 D Friendly
16 Jun 1965 Home 2 :2 D Friendly
03 Jun 1970 Mexico 0 :1 L World Cup
09 Jun 1971 Home 0 :0 D Euro Champs Qual
09 Oct 1971 Away 0 :3 L Euro Champs Qual
29 Sep 1973 Away 0 :2 L Friendly
26 Sep 1979 Away 0 :1 L Friendly
29 May 1983 Home 2 :0 W Euro Champs Qual
15 Oct 1983 Away 3 :0 W Euro Champs Qual
26 Sep 1984 Away 0 :1 L Friendly
03 Jun 1987 Home 1 :0 W Euro Champs Qual
14 Nov 1987 Away 1 :2 L Euro Champs Qual
02 Jun 1998 Home 1 :0 W Friendly
23 Feb 2000 Away 1 :0 L Friendly
v Turkey (1-1-2)
Date Venue Score Competition
10 Jun 1951 Home 3 :1 W Friendly
14 Nov 1951 Away 0 :1 L Friendly
29 Mar 1995 Away 1 :2 L Euro Champs Qual
15 Nov 1995 Home 2 :2 D Euro Champs Qual
Data taken from the Archive of International Football Results at

http ://www.city.ac.uk/~sc397/football/aifr_aux.html

#3 Stars

Defender - Patrik Andersson, Bayern Munich

Patrik Andersson
Club : Bayern Munich
Born : 18/08/71 in Borgeby, Sweden
Height : 186cm
Weight : 86kg
Caps : 74
Goals : 2
Debut : 920129 against Australia
Clubs : Bjärreds IF -1988
Malmö FF 1988-1992
Blackburn Rovers 1992-1993
Borossia Mönchengladbach 1993-1999
Bayern Munich 1999-


Patrik Andersson is one half of Sweden's effecient central defence.
He's also an inspirational leader and the team's Captain. He's a part of
one of Sweden's best football families with his father Roy also playing
for Sweden in his day and with kid brother Daniel playing right in front
of him as defensive midfielder. Patrik always keep calm and is a
player to rely on in tense situations. An experienced defender with no
real weaknesses. One thing he could improve, like his brother, is his

Midfielder - Fredrik Ljungberg, Arsenal

Fredrik Ljungberg
Club : Arsenal FC
Born : 16/04/77 in Vittsjö, Sweden
Height : 176cm
Weight : 75kg
Caps : 13
Goals : 2
Debut : 980124 against USA
Clubs : Halmstads BK -1998
Arsenal FC 1998-


Fredrik Ljungberg is a new face in Sweden's national team with only 13
appearences so far. Considering his talent and his age it will be many
more in the future. Fredrik is Sweden's most creative and irrational
midfielders and Sweden rely much on him to create chances for the two
front men. Fredrik is by any means a very talanted player being voted
player of the month by Arsenal fans for two months in a row in his first
season for the gunners. He's together with defenders Patrik Andersson
and Joakim Björklund Sweden's only player capable of playing for the
very best clubs.

Attacker - Kennet Andersson, Bologna

Kennet Andersson
Club : Bologna 1909 FC
Born : 06/10/67 in Eskilstuna, Sweden
Height : 193cm
Weight : 91kg
Caps : 74
Goals : 31
Debut : 900217 against Arab Erimates
Clubs : Tunafors SK -1980
IFK Eskilstuna 1981-1988
IFK Gothenburg 1988-1991
KV Mechelen 1991-1993
IFK Norrköping 1993
Lille OSC 1993-1994
SM Caen 1994-1995
AS Bari 1995-1996
Bologna 1909 FC 1996-1999
SS Lazio 1999
Bologna 1909 FC 1999-


Kennet's aerial ability is among the very best in the world. His shot is
powerful but not always accurate. He used to score alot more in his
earlier days but since he arrived in Italy he has been utilized mainly
as a target player playing for AS Bari and Bologna FC. He's good
setting up goals for his strike partner. He made Igor Protti top scorer
of Serie A while at Bari and in Bologna both Roberto Baggio and
Guiseppe Signori have benefited from his services and revived their
careers. Even if he hasn't score very often for Sweden during the last
couple of years he is one of Sweden's top all time scorers with 31
goals in 74 caps.

#4 Style of play

Sweden play a direct game with many long balls up to Kennet
Andersson. With a Fredrik Ljungberg in form Sweden's game changes
and the play goes through Fredrik in midfield rather than straight up to
Kennet. The foundation of the team is the rock solid defence. Only
1 goal against during 8 qualifying games. A freekick by Alan Shearer at
home against England in the very first game. Since then Sweden's
defence has been waterproof in competition games.

#5 Tactical organization

Sweden play a kind of 4-4-2. Not the classic version of it though.
Playing the four players in midfield in a diamond formation and not
having wingers like you would expect from a 4-4-2. Instead the wing
backs should come running up and down the flanks a la Roberto Carlos.


TP = Target player
S= Striker
AM=Attacking midfielder
LCM=Left Central Mid
RCM=Right Central Mid
DM=Defensive Mid
LD=Left Defender
CD=Central Defender
RD=Right Defender

Most likely starting lineup

TP = Kennet Andersson, Bologna (Italy)
S = Jörgen Pettersson, Kaiserslautern (Germany)
AM = Johan Mjällby, Celtic (Scotland)
LCM = Fredrik Ljungberg, Arsenal (England)
RCM = Niclas Alexandersson, Sheff Wed (England)
DM = Daniel Andersson, Bari (Italy)
LD = Gary Sundgren, Real Zaragoza (Spain)
CD = Joakim Björklund, Valencia (Spain)
CD = Patrik Andersson, Bayern Munich (Germany)
RD = Roland Nilsson, Helsingborg (Sweden)
GK = Magnus Hedman, Coventry (England)

Other players worth mentioning
Henrik Larsson, forward Celtic (Scotland)
Yksel Osmanovski, forward Bari (Italy)
Olof Mellberg, defender Racing Santander (Spain)
Teddy Lucic, defender AIK Solna (Sweden)
Anders Andersson, midfielder Aalborg BK (Denmark)
Håkan Mild, midfielder IFK Gothenburg (Sweden)

#6 Strenghts

Sweden's major strength is their water tight defence. For offense they
rely on irrational Fredrik Ljungberg in midfield and the height and
physical strength of Kennet Andersson up front. Sweden is also, as
always, very good from a tactical viewpoint. Another strength is their
team spirit and the will of fighting for echother.

#7 Weaknesses

Sweden lack offensive firepower now when Kennet Andersson seem
unable to score. In Jörgen Pettersson they might have found what they
need though. Jörgen play in the Bundesliga for Kaiserslautern. After a
slow start to the season he has now found the back of the net again.
But being a very fragile player emotionally that could change again
very easily. The broken leg of Henrik Larsson, Celtic, didn't help
Sweden's ability to score either.

Mårten Wallin