Holland		3	3	0	0	7	2	9
France		3	2	0	1	7	4	6
Czech Republic	3	1	0	2	3	3	3
Denmark	3	0	0	3	0	8	0

Quarter Finals
Holland vs Yugoslavia
France vs Spain

21 JUNE 2000


Kluivert 14						Dugarry 8
F De Boer 51						Trezeguet 31
Zenden 59

Lama made an excellent save from Cocu's header. Dugarry powerfully headed in
Micoud's corner. Slack defending by Micoud allowed Bergkamp to release
Kluivert, he left the French defence in his wake before cutting inside and
drilling a low shot past Lama. Bergkamp struck the crossbar with a miss hit
shot. Micoud took a shot from the half way line but Westerveld got back to
tip over. France regained the lead from the resulting corner, Stam headed the
ball out, Wiltord took a shot and Trezeguet re-directed the ball past

Dugarry wasted a 100% chance when the Dutch defence stood in vain waiting
for the flag for offside. Davids was brought down by about 30yds from goal,
while the French were organising a wall Frank de Boer stepped up and blasted
the ball into the top corner. Westerveld launched a goal kick upfield, Lebouef
missed the header and Zenden shot past Lama.

With the exception of Desailly, Lemerre rested all his first team players.

Assists : Bergkamp to Kluivert, Davids, Westerveld to Zenden
Micoud to Dugarry, Wiltord to Trezeguet


Smicer 64, 67

An excellent counter attack resulted in the opening goal, a move involving
Nedved, Koller and Poborsky ended with Poborsky superbly diving in to kill
Nedved's cross and then giving Smicer the gift of an open goal. Koller headed
on a long free kick, the Danish defence stood appealing for offside allowing
Smicer to poke the ball past Schmeichel and tap into an empty net.

Man of the Match : Smicer

Assists : Poborsky to Smicer, Koller to Smicer

16 JUNE 2000


Kluivert 58
R De Boer 66
Zenden 77

Bisgaard should have been sent off for a murderous two footed tackle from
behind on Overmars in the 8th minute but he escaped without a booking.
Bisgaard was involved in one of the few genuine chances of the first half,
he evaded a tackle from Davids on the right wing and centered for Allan
Nielsen, Van der Sar flew off his line the ball fell to Bisgaard, he whacked
the rebound against the fallen Nielsen and Van der Sar held on. Overmars
missed an open goal after Schmeichel spilled Kluivert's shot. Gravesen
curled a shot against the post just before half time.

Nielsen should have been sent off for a shameful two footed lung on Davids
but got away with a yellow card. Bergkamp pushed Kluivert's pass through
Schjonberg's legs, Schmeichel once against flew off his line to smother the
ball but only sent it as far as Kluivert, 1-0. Zenden kept in an over hit Cocu
cross, cut inside Bisgaard and fired the ball into the box and McDonald
arrived at the far post to tap past Schmeichel. A brilliant break completed
the rout, Van Bronckhorst headed on a ball to Kluivert, he released Reiziger
who left the Danes for dead before cantering for Zenden for another tap in.
Konterman completely missed a huge punt upfield by Schmeichel, Van der Sar
flew off his line and flattened Sand in the box. Yellow card. Schjonberg
sent the spot kick wide. Remember 1992? Payback is a bitch.

Absolutely appalling refereeing, two career ending tackles only one yellow
card and he should have sent off Van der Sar for as blatant a foul by a
'keeper as you are likely to see. Schmeichel made several goal saving mad
rushes off his line. Reiziger was also impressive.

Man of the Match : Zenden - Played on the right wing in the first half. Was
switched to the left at the start of the second and turned the game.

Assists : Zenden to R De Boer, Reiziger to Zenden


Henry 7							Poborsky 35 (Pen)
Djorkaeff 60

As with many games in this tournament a bright start. Nedved stinging
Barthez's palms with a hard shot on the turn. Gabriel then played a hospital
pass straight to Henry who poked the ball under Srnicek and the ball rolled
just inside the post. Worse than Mihajlovic's hospital pass to Zahovic.
Anelka headed wide from Petit's corner. Henry shot wide following awesome
work by Zidane, he pulled the ball back with his right foot before slipping in
Henry with a beautifully weighted pass. The Czechs were awarded a penalty
when Deschamps fouled Nedved outside the box but he fell inside. Poborsky
converted. Petit headed wide from Zidane's free kick. Poborsky went
agonisingly wide with two efforts late in the second half the first a shot
from distance following a mistake by Petit and the second a spectacular
volley after Koller chested down Nemec's huge free kick.

Nedved wasted a 100% chance, Smicer somehow managed to flick on a header
despite being shadowed by Blanc but Nedved shot high and Barthez saved.
Djorkaeff hit a hopeful ball upto Henry, Henry juggled the ball and then
sent a cross into the box, Djorkaeff arrived to smack a low shot into the
net. Koller headed Nedved's free kick against the crossbar and Blanc wasted
another 100% chance, heading Djorkaeff's free kick wide. Dugarry released
Zidane on the left wing but he couldn't do what Henry did against Denmark
when one on one with Srnicek.

The director kept showing Karembeu's stunning wife in the stands. I think
it's hilarious that she's going to have to move to Middlesbrough, can't
imagine her walking around town! I digress, as against Denmark, France played
in 2nd gear and when they needed to turn it up a level they did. At the moment
they are just using Henry's pace to win matches.

Man of the Match : Thuram - It's not as though the French defence was being
bombarded by wave after wave of attacks but Thuram made so many of the
Czech players look ordinary it must have been soul destroying.

Assists : Henry to Djorkaeff

12 JUNE 2000


Frank de Boer 89 (Pen)

Latal made a fantastic block to deny Kluivert a chance, normally I would say
certain goal but Kluivert is such a hopeless finisher, Srnicek saved
Bergkamp's follow up. Srnicek almost gifted the Dutch a goal, diving to save
a shot from Kluivert that was going wide but he recovered brilliantly to
block Zenden on the rebound. Bergkamp screwed a shot wide.

Nedved's crossed to the far post, Poborsky missed an open goal. Srnicek
palmed away a fierce strike from Stam, from a free kick. Koller should have
done better following more great work from Nedved. Nedved wasted another
good chance as the Dutch defence watched him run onto Smicer's pass. Nedved
headed Nemec's cross against the inside of the post and Van der Sar was
helpless as he watched the ball agonisingly trickle across the line. Minutes
later Koller headed Poborsky's brilliant free kick against the crossbar.
Injuries to Stam, who couldn't continue, and Nedved broke the flow of the
game. In what will become a moment of legendary stupidity, Nemec tugged
Ronald de Boer's shirt, McDonald sold the contact for all his worth but
Collina made the right decision in awarding the penalty. McDonald's brother
sent Srnicek the wrong way to earn Holland an ill deserved three points.
Collina sent off Latal, who was on the bench, presumably for calling him a
bald twat or something. Bejbl blew a great chance deep into injury time,
volleyed wide after Koller flicked on Srnicek's monstrous free kick.

The Dutch were comprehensively outplayed by the Czech Republic. I don't
think any team will get as much bad luck as the Czechs in this match.
The jury is still out on Rijkaard. Holland better improve and better improve

Man of the Match : Nedved (Czech Republic) - Absolute World Class
performance which will come as no surprise to those who follow Serie A.
The best individual performance of the tournament so far.

Red Card : Latal 92 (Czech Republic)
Assist : Ronald de Boer


Blanc 16
Henry 65
Wiltord 93

Sand flicked on a header and Tomasson raced clear as Desailly slipped,
Barthez made an excellent save though Tomasson should have done better.
After 10 minutes a warning of what was to come from France, Anelka,
played in brilliantly by Zidane, rounded Schmeichel but shot into the side
netting. Blanc picked up a loose ball on the half way line and drove forward,
swapped passes with Deschamps before crossing to Henry who played in
Anelka with a beautiful flick, Schmeichel blocked Anelka and then spilled the
ball giving Blanc an unguarded goal, 1-0.

Barthez spilled Tofting's free kick but Tomasson fell over the ball. Blanc
picked out Henry with an awesome pass but he messed up the finish. Henry
then gave Anelka a perfect cross but he headed wide when unmarked in front
of goal. A counter attack later and it was all over, Zidane released Henry on
the left wing, he left everyone in his wake before brilliantly curling the
ball past Schmeichel. Goal of the tournament, so far anyway. Viera ran onto a
perfect slide rule pass from Henry although Wiltord was in an offside
position the ref presumably didn't think he was interfering with play, he
certainly did seconds later as he tapped in Viera's centre but the goal
stood. Shocking refereeing.

Denmark were completely outclassed. Tomasson wasted their best two
chances, it's as if he was wearing a Newcastle shirt again. Anelka could have
had a hat-trick but kept running offside. Djorkaeff was hopeless. If I had my
way players aged 34+ would be banned from football, especially at this level.

Man of the Match : Henry (France) - Scored a fine individual goal, involved
in the other two. The only way to stop Henry and Anelka is to defend deep.
Henry isn't quick, he's sudden.

Assists : Zidane to Henry, Viera to Wiltord