18 MARCH 2001


Just a horrid, horrid match. Saudati was guilty of two incredible misses.
Amoroso rounded Tardioli but Materazzi cleared off the line.

Attendance : 30,000

Nedved 22, 65						Del Piero 59
Crespo 46, 80

A superb opening goal for Lazio. Rapid passing between Simeone, Nesta,
Poborsky and Crespo completely caught the Juventus defence cold, Nedved
arrived at the back post to convert Crespo's centre. Crespo put his team
right in it with an ill advised header in his own penalty area, Tudor beat
Peruzzi to the ball, Conte shot but Nesta made a sensational clearance off
the line. Peruzzi made a meal of what should have been a routine save from
Inzaghi and Inzaghi wasted a great Birindelli cross by heading over the bar.

Just as Juve were threatening to draw level Lazio hit them with a  sucker
punch at the start of the second half, Veron just took the absolute piss out
of Montero with an awesome dummy and released Crespo with an equally
awesome cross field pass, Crespo cushioned the ball off his chest and drilled
the ball past Van der Sar. Easily the best thing Veron has done all season.
Air monster Trezeguet headed against the crossbar. Peruzzi, under pressure
from Trezeguet stupidly flew off his line and punched the ball straight to
Zidane but he volleyed wide. Davids was sent off for a foul on Simeone though
it appeared as if he made no contact. He foolishly threw the ball are ref Collina
in disgust. Bound to get into more trouble for that. Zidane carried the ball
from the half way line and passed to Del Piero, Alex sidestepped a pathetic
challenge by Favalli and curled the ball into the top corner. Veron and
Crespo helped Nedved bag a second and Crespo made sure off a flattering
scoreline by turning in Castroman's centre. Trezeguet was sent off for
kicking Negro.

Peruzzi was awful, he dropped everything. Although Nesta has regained form
under Zoff defensively the rest of the team suck.

Attendance : 65,000
Red Cards : Davids 58, Trezeguet 88
Assists : Crespo (x2), Veron, Castroman, Zidane


Mamede should have been sent off for going through the back of Guigou.
Totti should have walked for kicking Bernini in the bollocks. Dionigi got
into some great situations but kept screwing up by either loosing his balance
or taking one touch too many i.e. doing a Delvecchio. Mozart shot over with
the goal at his mercy. Roma didn't appear to have a single worthwhile effort
on target.

Attendance : 30,000

MILAN				4-0			BARI
Coco 7
Shevchenko 45 (Pen), 88
Serginho 79

Coco headed in the Champions league assist leader(!) - Albertini's free kick.
I would love to know why Gillet dived after Coco had scored. Shevchenko
converted a penalty won by Bierhoff at the end of the first half. Gillet
committed himself way too early. Serginho scored a brilliant third, Shevchenko
looked for a one two, Serginho turned inside Innocenti before drilling the
ball into the bottom corner. Shevchenko added a fourth from Kaladze's pass.

Kaladze has made a flawless transition to Round A. In just a few weeks he is
already one of the teams best players, which isn't a criticism! Serginho has
also been impressive in recent weeks. A glum faced Berlusconi took Dr Evil
(Galliani's) customary place in the stands.

Attendance : 45,000
Assists : Albertini, Bierhoff, Shevchenko, Kaladze

Mijatovic 53						Cipriani 14

Big surprise - Fiorentina started well. Pagliuca punched out a shot from
Chiesa and Adani just failed to connect with the rebound. Lassissi headed
over from a corner then Toldo gifted Bologna a goal. He came out to punch
Lima's cross, missed, and Cipriani headed into an empty net. An awful mistake
by Maresca gave forgotten man Mijatovic a tap-in. Cipriani volleyed over
the bar. Rossi whacked a shot off the post and Mijatovic spectacularly
volleyed wide. Pagliuca made a great save from Chiesa late on and for the
second consecutive week Signori was the victim of a criminal injury time
foul. I think Di Livio was the culprit.

Rui Costa looked totally disinterested. It's about time he left Florence
because at 29 he's only got 2-3 good seasons left.

Attendance : 32,000
Assist : Lima

LECCE				1-2			INTER
Piangerelli 46						Recoba 27, 60

Jugovic released Recoba, who looks slightly less ridiculous now that he has
grown a bit of hair, with a  brilliant through pass. Recoba rounded Chimenti
and just managed to squeeze the ball into the net. A bizarre equaliser. Tonetto
floated a cross towards the back post, Vasari flicked the ball onto Lucarelli -
don't know what he was trying to do, maybe a volley only he kicked
the ball the wrong way, it fell to Piangerelli who took a touch before
blasting a half volley past Frey. Lucarelli blew a 100% chance. Recoba won
the match with a brilliant free kick.

Inter's second successive win. By their standards that's progress! Ronaldo's
surgeon claims he is ready to play now but the striker is weary of risking
another injury so should be playing sometime in the next 40 days. Brazil
want him to play in the Copa America at the end of the season - no chance.

Attendance : 28,337
Assists : Jugovic, Lucarelli, Recoba

Fiore 58 (Pen)						Di Vaio 14
							Amoroso 60 (Pen), 81

Di Vaio volleyed Parma into the lead. Sosa wasted a great chance after legit
Brazilian (the ringers have been sent back to Brazil) Alberto picked him out
with a perfect cross. Buffon made a fantastic save from Margiotta at the
start of the second half. Fiore converted a penalty won by Luis Helguera
(Ivan's brother). Amoroso put Parma back in front from the spot after
throwing himself over Alberto and added another from Junior's cross.

There have shades of Van Basten in Di Vaio's recent performances - such is
the ease in which the striker has been taking his chances. Earlier in the
week Udinese's president threatened De Canio with the sack if he lost this
match. He did. Udinese's general manager, Pierpaolo Marino, resigned in
protest over De Canio's dismissal.

Attendance : 18,000
Assists : Fuser, Helguera, Amoroso, Junior

Bonazzoli 56

Verona spurned four good-great first half chances before taking an overdue
lead early in the second half. Camoranesi tried to pick out Bonazzoli with one
of those great looking outside of the foot passes but Cardone was comfortably
placed to check Bonazzoli's run well he was until the big forward pushed him
out of the way and scored at the second attempt. The push looks far more
blatant in slow motion. Cardone was quick to cut out a similar chance by
booting the ball and Mutu out of the box. Kallon wasted the few chances
Vicenza managed to create.

Attendance : 16,000