12 MAY 2001

Spinesi 74 (Pen), Spinesi 89				Zauli 51
							Zanchi 87

Zauli injured himself by running into the referee Racabulto's elbow. He
recovered in time to give Vicenza the lead from Kallon's centre. Narciso
(goalkeeper) should have been sent off for brining down Kallon outside the
box. Spinesi won and converted a penalty. Zanchi got Vicenza back in front
with a fantastic volley but Spinesi headed the equaliser two minutes later.
Attendance : 9,000
Assists : Kallon, Spinesi, Mazzarelli


Typical. A match featuring the highest active scorers in Round A, Baggio and
Signori, with over 300 goals between them. Think about that for a minute,
300 goals! and it ends 0-0. Nothing happened.

Attendance : 13,000

Amoruso 24, 47						Crespo 32, 51
							Nedved 65
							Ravanelli 84

Poborsky smashed a shot against the post. Veron wasted a great chance.
A mistake by Nesta and then the rest of the Lazio defence gave Amoroso his
first goal. He should have scored a second following awesome work by
Edmundo! The ball broke to Crespo from Baldini's challenge on Veron and
he raced past Fontana before tapping into an empty net. Fontana made a
great save to deny Poborsky at the end of the first half.

Napoli went back into the lead from a cleverly worked corner, well the idea
was clever in practice it looked really crap. Matuzalem swung a corner to
Husain who was standing outside the box, he swung at the ball, kicked it into
the ground and it fell right at Amoroso's feet and he beat former team-mate
Peruzzi, who really should have done better, with a shot on the turn. Crespo
volleyed Lazio level from Poborsky's cross. Veron was sent off for verbal
abuse. Nedved gave Lazio the lead and Fontana made sure of the points when
he let Ravanelli's shot slip through his fingers. 

Attendance : 40,000
Red Card : Veron (Lazio)
Assists : Jankulovski, Husain, Poborsky, Simeone, Nedved

Bernini 38, 76

Bernini blasted Reggina into a deserved lead with a violent first time
strike. We really DID NOT need to see Taibi getting his hairy arse sprayed
for a muscle problem. This seemed to inspire Parma(!), Di Vaio went close and
Cozza cleared off the line. Bernini ran 50yds unchallenged and placed a shot
inside the post. Parma's defence just didn't even bother to challenge him.
Taibi made a brilliant save from Benarrivo late on. Da Costa missed an open
goal late on after absolutely destroying an incredibly lethargic Thuram.
This was a surprisingly poor performance by Parma given Milan were just
three points behind following last nights victory. You would expect them to
put up more of a fight for the remaining Champions League place but they
didn't. Thuram just cannot be bothered anymore. Maybe he's deliberately
playing half arsed so he can get his dream move to a big club.

Assist : Dionigi, ?

Montella 63

A really awful match, lots of niggardly, sneaky fouls. Batistuta had some
decent chances. There was a hilarious incident when Siviglia pulled
Montella's shirt straight over his head ala the Ravanelli celebration, I am
not exaggerating either. How the ref and linesman missed it is anyone's guess.
Nappi had Atalanta's only chance which was saved by Antonioli. Totti was
again substituted for Nakata which isn't a good sign when you've just become
the best paid player in the World (127K per week!) and to really rub it in
it was Nakata's corner which gave Roma a precious three points, Montella with
the finish. Montella, Samuel and Delvecchio had chances late on.

Attendance : 64,013
Assist : Nakata

Sosa 55							Materazzi 20 (Pen)
Muzzi 57							Ahn 25, 45
Fiore 94 (Pen)

Materazzi converted a penalty awarded for a foul on Pieri. Ahn, who has been
hot in recent weeks, scored two fantastic goals. His first was a powerful
header from Ze Maria's cross and the second an explosive shot.

Udinese surprisingly fought back, surprising because they've absolutely
sucked for months. Muzzi helped on Jorgensen's superb pass to Sosa who
volleyed past Mazzantini. Muzzi headed in Jorgensen's cross. Mazzantini made
a brilliant save from Sosa and in the fourth minute of injury time Pieri
inadvertently handled in the box. No blame on Paparesta for awarding the
penalty. Fiore sent Mazzantini the wrong way.

Ahn is going to be a star. He doesn't have the creativity of Nakata but
his finishing seems better.

Attendance : 16,611
Assists : Pieri, Ze Maria, Vryzas, Muzzi, Jorgensen


Piangerelli sent a the ball through a ruck of players but his goal was
disallowed for offside even though clearly as everyone was walking back how
could they be interfering with play? Both teams tried hard but neither
'keeper was troubled.

Attendance : 14,595

11 MAY 2001

INTER				0-6			MILAN
							Comandini 3, 19
							Giunti 54
							Shevchenko 67, 77
							Serginho 81

Maybe Inter thought this would be a typical derby. Lots of blood and sweat,
fouls and midfield battles. Milan had other ideas. They attacked from the
start and took the lead inside the 3rd minute. Maldini intercepted Ferrari's
pass and gave the ball to Serginho, he flew past Di Biagio and Blanc and
Comandini swept his centre past Frey. Dalmat tried his luck from the edge
of the box, Rossi dropped the ball, Vieri charged into the box and slipped.
About a minute later Milan increased their lead. Kaladze, Roque Junior,
Maldini and Giunti knocked the ball around in midfield seemingly not
threatening until Kaladze and Serginho stole a few yards on the Inter
defence, Roque Junior knocked a pass into Kaladze he released Serginho and
Comandini met his cross with an awesome header. The movement by Kaladze
and Serginho for this goal was simply brilliant. Another fine passing move
on the stroke of half time culminated in Shevchenko flicking the ball on for
Comandini who hammered a volley at goal but Frey made a brilliant save.

Frey completely missed Giunti's 35yd free kick, possibly distracted by Roque
Junior's run across goal. Comandini was substituted for Jose Mari 12 minutes
into the second half, not let-up for Inter. More good football from Milan for
the 4th goal. A move which started deep from defence ended with Serginho
destroying Seedorf and poor Ferrari before floating a cross to the back post,
Shevchenko towered above Simic and powered the ball past Frey. Guly came
on for Giunti and Inter's misery continued. Rossi was finally tested 30 minutes
into the second half when Recoba tried the chip the ball into the net. Shortly
thereafter an Inter supporter ran onto the pitch where he was met by
Costacurta who forced him back, I think he wanted the ball. It's unfortunate
for Inter that he didn't get it because as security lead him away Shevchenko
helped himself to another goal, from Kaladze's centre. Roque Junior knocked
a ball downfield, Shevchenko flicked it onto Serginho looking for a return
pass but he probably thought three assists were enough and accelerated away
before poking the ball into the bottom corner for a well deserved goal. At
0-6 Milan seemed content and Collina spared them further embarrassment by 
playing just one minute of injury time.

Only three yellow cards and no violence in the stands. Hopefully there was no
trouble after the match ended.

6 f*****g 0! If Tardelli goes Inter are back to square one but how can he
possibly stay after this? You can probably count the number of challenges
Milan lost on one hand, the entire team were awesome, apart from Rossi who
still managed to suck. Inter's only 'chances' came due to his poor handling.
Man of the match - Serginho who was off the charts awesome. Roque Junior is
still suspect defensively but his passing is outstanding. He should be either
moved into midfield or played as a sweeper in front of the defence.

Attendance : 78,000
Assists : Serginho (x3), Shevchenko (x2), Kaladze

Rossi 40							Zidane 24
							Tudor 28
							Trezeguet 89

A good first touch escaped Leandro as he ran though on goal, Birindelli
flattened him in the box and Van der Sar brilliantly saved Chiesa's
follow-up. Chiesa blazed Leandro's centre high over the bar. Toldo came out
for Birindelli's enormous cross but got nowhere the ball, Trezeguet cleverly
headed it back and Zidane fired into the bottom corner. Di Livio flicked on
Zidane's corner, problem is he no longer plays for Juve, Tudor headed in at
the far post. For the second time in a week Van der Sar gifted the opposition
a goal. He someone managed to let Rui Costa's header slip through his hands
allowing Rossi to head into an empty net.

Both 'keepers pulled off great saves in the second half. Van der Sar from
Amoroso and Toldo from Zidane. As Adani was trying to remove Del Piero from
his shirt, Trezeguet headed in O'Neill's free kick.

Attendance : 
Assists : Trezeguet, O'Neill, Rui Costa