10 JUNE 2001

The title and three remaining relegation places will be decided next week.

							Muzzi 31

Muzzi brilliantly pulled Sosa's flick on past his marker and raced downfield.
He cut inside Carrerra and slipped as he shot and the ball ballooned up in
the air over Pelizzoli. Atalanta had all the other chances but Udinese
defended like mad-men to secure Round A status.

Attendance : 15,000
Assist : Sosa

BARI 				1-2			INTER
Andersson 44 pen 					Recoba 36 pen,

The ref (Borriello) did well to spot shirt tugging by former Inter striker
Spinesi on Ferrari in the box. Recoba converted. To show incompetence hadn't
totally escaped him Borriello then awarded a penalty when Sensi bounced
himself off Carrillo and clutched his knee writhing in pain - bullshitter.
Andersson equalised. Vieri wasted the only chance he got. Recoba feigned to
shoot, Madsen turned his back to block, Recoba run into the space and bent
the ball inside the post. Fantastic goal.

Ballotta was once again in goal for Inter. If this is a tactical decision
Tardelli is an idiot.

Attendance : 9,510 for 66,000
Assists : Ferrari, Spinesi, ?

Cruz 53, 85 pens						Vugrinec 34 pen
							Viali 63

The first penalty was awarded for a blatant hand ball by Bia. Vugrinec made
Pagliuca look like an idiot with a superb spot kick. Dainelli was sent off
for head butting Cipriani. Ingesson tugged Cruz's shirt in the box and the
big striker doesn't need a second invitation to go down. Cruz sent Chimenti
the wrong way. Pagliuca really should have saved Viali's free kick. Bologna
were awarded another penalty for handball. Cruz again went to Chimenti's
right. The ref dreamed up a penalty for Lecce but Pagliuca easily saved
Ingesson's awful shot.

Attendance : 22,000
Red Cards : Falcone 89 (Bologna), Dainelli 43 (Lecce)
Assists : Cruz, ?

Pierini 34 og
Crespo 44
Negro 53

Pierini tried to clear Claudio Lopez's centre but inadvertently kicked the
ball into the net. Crespo looked offside when he converted from Claudio
Lopez's pass. Negro headed in Veron's corner. In what has to be the single
most amazing incident in Round A since the infamous Empoli refs 'scandal'
Nedved talked Collina OUT of a penalty after he pointed to the spot
following a challenge on the Czech winger by Amaral!

Taglialatela was in goal for Fiorentina presumably because of Toldo's on off
move to Barca. Attendance 30,000

Assists : Claudio Lopez, Veron

Jose Mari 68						Bachini 70

Donkey Rossi flew off his line to cut out a cross but got nowhere near the
ball, Antonio Filippini centred but Hubner missed with an open goal at his
mercy. Rossi got injured and Abbiati made his long awaited and rightful
return to the Milan goal. Abbiati made fantastic saves from Antonio Filippini
and a Baggio free kick. Milan were much improved in the second half and took
the lead when Jose Mari beat Srnicek with an awesome shot from 30yds.
Bachini received a pass on the edge of the box, held off Gattuso and Roque
Junior, flew past Jose Mari and shot inside the post. 

Attendance : 60,000
Assist : Sala, Baggio

NAPOLI				2-2			ROMA
Amoruso 37						Batistuta 42
Pecchia 81 						Totti 52

There was rioting before (or after?) the match. Hard to tell. High drama as
you would expect with so much at stake for both clubs. Antonioli made a
fantastic save from Edmundo who should have scored minutes later but headed
wide. Pecchia brilliantly held off Candela as the Frenchman tried to bring
him down and Amoruso beat Samuel to the ball to fire past Antonioli. Totti
bravely took a corner as a hail of missiles rained down on him. His cross was
impossible to defend and Batistuta drew Roma level. Totti controlled Cafu's
cross with his arm and smashed a right foot volley past Mancini. Antonioli
threw away the scudetto with a horrendous mistake. Pecchia struck a free low
through the wall, Antonioli got his hands to what was a tame shot but parried
the ball into the net. Mancini made a great save from substitute Montella
late on.

Attendance : 40,000
Assists : Pecchia, Moriero, Totti, Cafu

Amoroso 68						Oddo 32 pen
							Cossato 85

Benarrivo should have been sent off for going through the back of Mutu. He
has no business playing in a defence alongside Thuram and Cannavaro. Oddo
converted. Seric tried to clear a through pass, he kicked the ball against
team-mate Laursen and Amoroso raced away to score. Cossato headed in
Gonello's cross as Thuram made a half arsed attempt to clear.

Attendance : 15,000
Assist : Mutu, Gonello

Materazzi 62 pen						Zanchetta 31

Oshadagon headed wide from a free kick. Vicari made a brilliant goal line
clearance from Tedesco's header. A brilliant free kick by Zanchetta gave
Reggina a half time lead. Taibi was lucky to get away with a yellow card 
when he came off his line and kicked Vryzas as the recently recalled Greek
striker attacked a cross. Materazzi smashed the penalty past Taibi and I
believe set a record for most goals scored by a defender in one season (12).
I think Inter's Giacinto Facchetti set the previous record in the 1965-1966
season with 10 goals though most of his were from open play. 

Assists : Marrazina, Vryzas

							Del Piero 36
							Trezeguet 40, 51

Juve were as dominant as the score-line suggests. Horrendous marking allowed
Del Piero to head in Zambrotta's cross. Tudor and Del Piero combined to give
Juve an easy second. Trezeguet put the finishing touches on a wonderfully
worked free kick. Del Piero lined up on the edge of the box and passed to
Zidane. He ran across the box and playing in Zambrotta with an awesome blind
pass, Zambrotta centred and Trezeguet poked past Sterchele as Inzaghi looked
on from the bench. Van der Sar made a brilliant late save to keep out
Bernardini's deflected effort.

Juve have played some brilliant football in recent weeks which makes Lippi's
appointment as coach next season even more surprising.

Attendance :
Assists : Zambrotta (x2), Del Piero

These are the current standings :

1. Roma		72
2. Juventus	70
3. Lazio		69

Remaining Fixtures :

Parma (H)		Atalanta (H)			Lecce (A)

If Roma beat Parma they are champions.

If Juve beat Atalanta and Roma lose, Juve are champions. If Juve beat
Atalanta and Roma draw against Parma, Juve and Roma play-off for the

Lazio cannot win the championship next week. If Lazio defeat Lecce and Roma
and Juve both lose, Roma and Lazio play-off for the championship.

12th placed Udinese are safe. Any three from Lecce, Reggina, Verona, 
Vicenza and Napoli will be relegated.