Top Scorers
Goals   Player Club
24 (6 Pen) Hubner Piacenza
    Trezeguet Juventus
22 (4 Pen) Vieri Inter
20   Di Vaio Parma
Assist Leaders
Assists Player Club
13 Corini Chievo
10 Nedved Juventus
9 Hubner Piacenza
8 Chevanton Lecce
  Del Piero Juventus
Most Goals From Open Play
Goals Player Club
24 Trezeguet Juventus
19 Di Vaio Parma
18 Vieri Inter
17 Hubner Piacenza
Most Goals From Free Kicks
Goals Player Club
4 Assuncao Roma
2 Lucarelli Torino
  Recoba Inter
  Signori Bologna
Most Goals From Penalties
Goals Player Club
7 Corini Chievo
6 Huber Piacenza
5 Muzzi Udinese
4 Del Piero Juventus
  Maniero Venezia
Most Assists From Open Play
Assists Player Club
9 Nedved Juventus
6 Contra Milan
  Di Vaio Parma
  Fiore Lazio
  Gautieri Piacenza
  Vieri Inter
5 A Filippini Brescia
  Corini Chievo
  Eriberto Chievo
  Kallon Inter
  Manfredini Chievo
  Corradi Chievo
Most Set Piece Assists
Assists Player Club
8 Corini Chievo
5 Chevanton Lecce
4 Del Piero Juventus
3 Grosso Perugia
  Pizzaro Udinese
  Tarantino Bologna
Penalty And Free Kick Assists *
Assists Player Club
4 Hubner Piacenza
3 Del Piero Juventus
  Frick Verona
  Maniero Venezia
* A assist awarded to a player who won a free kick or penalty by either being
fouled or by diving that resulted in a goal being scored.
Top Overall Attackers
Player Club Goals Assists Involved
Hubner Piacenza 24 9 33
Vieri Inter 22 7 29
Trezeguet Juventus 24 4 28
Di Vaio Parma 20 6 26
Maniero Venezia 17 7 24