17 FEBRUARY 2002


For the second successive weak Panucci was robbed of a penalty when Bonera
tugged his shirt in the box. Batistuta missed two guilt edged chances, both from
headers. Donkey Aldair somehow managed to escape a second yellow card AFTER
the ref blew for a foul. Brescia had a goal disallowed for a foul on Antonioli.

Unlike most Roma matches when they weren't busy kicking the shit out of the
opposition they actually played some good football.

Attendance : 13,600

							Comotto 88

Torino rode out the early storm and stole the points late in the second half
although they had the better chances. Frey made two impossible saves, one
from Lucarelli and another from Ferrante but the second time round Comotto
scored after Frey had parried.

Attendance : 16,240
Assist : Lucarelli

Bazzani 35						Vugrinec 47
Tedesco 90

Perugia's latest discoveries combined for the opener. Bazzani headed in Grosso's
free kick. Colonello earned a second yellow for stamping on Ze Maria's foot.
Vugrinec headed Chevanton's wicked free kick past Cordoba. Perugia played
some outstanding football and finally broke through in the last minute. Tedesco
finishing off a great move that he started with a cushioned first time pass out
wide to Bazzani.

Attendance : 6,600
Assists : Grosso, Bazzani, Chevanton
Red Card : Colonello 44 (Lecce)

Gautieri 6
Hubner 32, 36
Di Francesco 47, 68

Gautieri's volley deflected in off Bettarini. Another deflection another goal. This
time Hubner screwed the ball into the net after his pass was blocked. Hubner
finished off Piacenza four minutes later from the penalty spot. His initial
shot was saved but he made no mistake from the rebound. Bilica, who had
given away the penalty, headed the ball straight out to Di Francesco who
sent a sensational 20yd volley looping into the net. Di Francesco bagged a second
from a cleverly worked short corner.

Attendance : 6,300
Assist : Caccia

							Cruz 12

Cruz hit a weak shot from just outside the box, Turci was distracted by Pecchia's
dummy and the ball rolled into the net. Absolute crap goal! Udinese should have
been awarded a penalty for handball by Olive.

I know it's early but Guidolin gets my vote for coach of the year. I expect Bologna
to steal the fourth Champions League place.

Attendance : 13,369
Assist : ?
Red Card : Nervo 87 (Bologna)

							C Zanetti 31
							Vieri 57, 60

Vieri gave Inter their first win in a month by making one and scoring two.
He flicked on a long ball to Zanetti and the Italian international (which speaks
volumes for Italian midfielders) volleyed past Nigmatullin. The ref, Farina, should
have been shot for failing to award the most blatant penalty of the season when
Georgatos chopped down Cossato. Vieri headed in Seedorf's corner and scored
a second three minutes later after Ventola headed on Toldo's goal kick.

Attendance : 25,000
Assists : Vieri, Seedorf, Ventola

S Inzaghi 76						La Grottaglie 85

Mendieta and Corini went close with free kicks. Lazio were awarded a penalty for
handball but Lupatelli guessed right and saved from Crespo. Inzaghi scored a
tap-in after Crespo's shot was blocked. La Grottaglie, whoever he is, headed in the
equaliser from Corini's corner.

Assist : Corini

16 FEBRUARY 2002

Trezeguet 10						Adriano 14
Del Piero 30

A magnificent opening goal from Trezeguet. He headed down the ball and tried
to pass to Nedved, the ball bounced off the Czech (been waiting to get that one
in) Trezeguet bounced it off his chest, turned and lashed a left foot half volley
past Manninger. Adriano equalised shortly thereafter with a Ronaldo classic.
Morfeo threaded the ball through the Juve defence and with his first touch
Adriano took the ball wide of Buffon before tapping into an empty net. Del Piero
put Juve back in front after Nedved's shot was charged down. Fiorentina had
claims for a penalty turned down when Adriano went over Buffon in the box.

Attendance : 30,000
Assists : Morfeo, Nedved
Red Card : Tarozzi 72 (Fiorentina)


Sloppy handling by Pinato on a speculative effort by Albertini was as close
as either side came to scoring.

Attendance : 55,510

R Mehdi