24 MARCH 2002

INTER				3-1			ROMA
Recoba 2, 72						Totti 56
Vieri 44

Despite the hype I expected this to be a bore draw between two defensively
sound sides, it was anything but thanks largely to an early goal. 15 seconds
the match Totti sent a 40yd ball straight to Montella, he tried to chip Toldo
first time but the ball ballooned over the bar. Christian Zanetti took the ball
off Candela with a hard tackle and passed to Vieri who turned his marker
brilliantly before playing in Recoba with a superb pass, Samuel tried to clear
but only forced Recoba wide, unfortunately wide left and he kept his calm,
went round the advancing Antonioli and tapped into an empty net. Totti found
Delvecchio with a superb deep cross into the box, Delvecchio failed to make
good contact with the ball and it bounced off the outside of a post before being
hacked to safety. Vieri added a second on a counter attack. He passed the ball
to Seedorf, pushed Samuel out of the way and ran forward. Seedorf played the
ball wide to Recoba, Panucci dived in early and got nowhere near the ball
leaving Recoba acres of space and time to measure a cross to the back post,
Vieri dropped to his knees and headed the ball past Antonioli. 2-0.

Vieri shot straight at Antonioli after he spilled a shot from Dalmat. Cafu knocked
the ball into Montella, he chipped it first time into the box and Totti turned and
volleyed into the corner. A stunning free kick from Recoba ended any hopes of a
comeback. Zebina, who had a wretched game, was sent off for violently
smashing his palm into Recoba's face. A disgraceful, cowardly act which will
hopefully result in a lengthy ban. Totti was booked for diving in the box. Emre
was sent off for kicking Emerson. The ref, Cesari, had a marvellous match.
Not perfect but given the circumstances he did well to prevent the game
descending into a full scale brawl. Roma were a disgrace, I don't want to see
another team kick their way to the Scudetto.

Attendance : 78,209
Assists : Recoba, Montella, Vieri (fk),
Red Cards : Zebina 76 (Roma), Emre 91 (Inter)

Pecchia 13						Popescu 18, 35
Cruz 66							Chevanton 68
Signori 72
Fresi 82

Taking into account Bologna's great defence and Lecce's crap attack this should
have been over after Pecchia's early strike but Lecce, desperatly battling against
relegation, hit back through geriatric Popsescu. His first a header from a corner
though how Pagliuca and a defender who was stood on the post failed to keep
the ball out is a mystery. The Romanian's second was a superb strike from the
edge of the box! Cruz equalised from close range after Signori's shot took a
wicked deflection off Savino. Chevanton put Lecce back in front when Bologna
screwed up playing offside. Signori made it 3-3 with a brilliant free kick, only
the second goal in an injury ravaged season then set up Fresi for the winner
with a superb first time cross. 

Tarantino should get an Italy call-up, he's one of the best left backs in the

Assists : Tarantino, Chevanton (ck), Tonetto, Vugrinec, ?, Signori

Toni 10, 29, 45

Bonera sent a first time cross into the box, Toni took the pace off the ball with
his left foot and with his right poked past Cordoba. Sussi carried the ball 60yds
down the left flank, ran past Ze Maria who didn't make any attempts to tackle
him then floated a  cross to the back post, 2-0.  Binotto hit a shot into the
ground, Toni bounced the ball off his thigh, turned and volleyed past Cordoba
to complete a superb hat-trick.

11 goals in 22 games for Toni this season. The World Cup has come too early
for him but I'm sure it won't be long before he wins a call-up to the national

Assists : Bonera, Sussi, Binotto

Cossato 42, 74						Mutu 13

Red Card : Moro 88 (Chievo)

D'Anna made of mess of clearing a corner and Mutu smacked the ball in from
close range. Chievo equalised just before half time. Franceschi brilliantly
hooked the back accross goal, Corradi got a touch and Cossato stabbed in
at the far post. He scored the winner with another close range strike this time
from Eriberto's centre. Moro was sent off for an innocous challenge on Seric,
who didn't even go down. Bizzare decision from the ref.

Assists : Corradi, Eriberto

Stankovic 38
Fiore 79

Stankovic scored a tap-in after Udinese failed to clear a free kick. Turci spilled
a weak shot from Claudio Lopez, possible the worst finisher in the World, and
Fiore shot into an empty net.

Red Card : Scarlato 71 (Udinese)

							Serginho 21 (Pen)

Serginho whipped a cross into the box, Lucarelli fouled Inzaghi, penalty.
Serginho, the new designated penalty taker, made no mistake. Two World
Class saves by Abbiati from Hubner earned Milan an ill deserved three points
and maintained their challenge for a Champions League place.

Assist : Inzaghi (pen)

Scarchilli 28

Scarchilli swapped passes with Ferrante and hammered a left foot shot into the
top corner.

Assist : Ferrante

							Rossini 85

Rossini arrived at the back post to head Doni's cross past Rossi.

Assist : Doni

23 MARCH 2002

Lamoucchi 88

In the second half Lippi substituted Amoroso for Zalayeta. If you're still
wondering why Juve are no longer in the Champions League there's your
answer. Nedved smashed a shot against the post and Benarrivo made a
desperate clearence as Trezeguet tried to centre the ball. Buffon made a
fantastic clerence off blanace from Di Vaio's deflected shot, kicking the ball
away with his left foot. Nakata ran into Buffon looking for a penalty. Well
at least he ran, which is an improvement from his recent performances in
which he's done nothing. Di Vaio knocked a ball accross the box to Lamoucchi,
he took one touch to control it then hit a shot over Conte, who dived in to
block, inside the post, tremendous finish. Nedved, who troubled Taffarrel with
long range shooting earlier in the match, as effective from close range horribly
miss cuing from Zalayerta's cut back. At the other end Davids' spectacular
block tackle on Di Vaio denied Parma a second.

Assist : Di Vaio

R Mehdi