7 APRIL 2002

LAZIO				1-0			LECCE
Fiore 68

Stankovic was the only threat to goal. He forced Chimenti into an excellent
save with a typically powerful strike and was denied a certain goal by Popescu.
He made the winning goal for Fiore with a right wing cross into the box, Popescu
appeared to clear the ball off the line but replays showed the ball was clearly
over. There was good news for Argentina when Simeone made his long awaited
return as a second half substitute. Lecce unleashed the power of Konan mid-way
through the second half but he failed to trouble the Lazio defence.

Assist : Stankovic
Red Card : Vugrinec 91 (Lecce)


A really dirty foul in this match and nothing else. Camoranesi stamped on Giunti
as he slid in for the ball, he was carried off. Brescia had the best chances.

Attendance : 15,000

Moro 22							Inzaghi 13

Inzaghi gave Milan the lead with a superb near post header from a Rui Costa
cross. His good work was un-done less than 10 minutes later at the other end
when Moro was given the freedom of the box to head in Corini's long free kick.
Franceschini missed an open goal. Shevchenko made his return in the second
half and forced Lupatelli into a save. Moro was sent off for a second bookable
offence - shirt pulling. Inzaghi wasted a great chance in second half injury time
firing over from substitute Pirlo's superb pass.

Attendance : 26,372
Assists : Rui Costa, Corini (free kick)
Red Card : Moro 74 (Chievo)

Vieri 47							Sala 43
							Berretta 63

Inter should have had an early penalty when Sala grabbed a handful of Vieri's
shirt in the box. Sala scored just before half time, powerfully heading Zenoni's
cross past Toldo.

Vieri equalised with a close range header from Materazzi's perfect cross early in
the second half. The Inter defence stood in a line appealing for offside as Doni
floated the ball onto Comandini's head. Toldo made a spectacular save but
Berretta tapped in the rebound. Rossini was standing offside, Comandini and
Berretta were not. Tough break for Inter.  As Inter were about to take a corner
Natale pushed Vieri down in the box, the ref, Paparesta, booked Natale for the
foul but didn't award a penalty.

Paparesta is as bent as they come. This is the same scumbag that awarded Juve
penalty against Milan in the San Siro earlier in the season. I don't know whose
books he's on but he's got something against both Milanese clubs.

Here's a list of Taibi's saves :

52nd minute : one handed save from a low Cordoba header
69th minute : spectacular, back breaking save from another Cordoba header
77th minute : another spectacular save from a point blank Vieri header
86th minute : Arguably the best save of the match as Taibi tips over Kallon's
vicious, rising drive

Attendance : 56,000
Assists : Zenoni, Materazzi 

Diana 25
Sükür 76

Lamouchi sent a high ball into the box. Di Vaio did well to hook it back across goal
and Diana headed past Turci. Frey was back in goal for goal and made a fantastic
save from a free kick. Parma did Udinese on the counter attack for their second.
Di Vaio flicked on a ball to Sükür, the Udinese defence stood appealing for offside
on the HALF-WAY line as Sükür ran downfield and toe poked the ball into the

Attendance : 15,000
Assists : Di Vaio (x2)
Red Card : Benarrivo 93 (Parma)

							Trezeguet 9
							Del Piero 46 (Pen)
							Del Piero 62
							Zenoni 57

Perugia were fortunate not to concede a penalty when Milanese pushed
Trezeguet as he tried to volley the ball, he just managed to keep his
and get enough contact to beat Cordoba. Perugia coach Sersi Cosmi got
a red card after just 10 minutes for his usual mad ranting though what he
was complaining about a mystery. Perugia's best spell following Cosmi's
ejection but they failed to take advantage and although Del Piero made
a meal of Sogliano's challenge in the box to win a penalty but it was a
foul. Cordoba guessed right but didn't get near the ball.  Juve's third goal
absolutely superb. Thuram started a counter attack with a pass to Zenoni
on the right flank, he ran 70yds centrally towards the box, taking several
players with him then sprayed the ball wide to an unmarked Nedved,
Nedved centred and Zenoni hit a fantastic right foot volley into the top
corner. Del Piero added a second from a Zambrotta, one of the most
improved players in Serie A this year, cross. It looked like Maresca pulled
up with a thigh muscle injury. Del Piero missed an open goal late on from
Trezeguet's centre.

Attendance : 20,000
Assists : Nedved, Del Piero (won pen), Nedved, Zambrotta

Matuzalem 28
Volpi 40
Hubner 46

Tosto crossed into the box, Di Francesco's back heel confused Ferron and
Matuzalem, who has had one of THE worst rinse jobs in football, slammed the
ball into the net. Ezequiel Gonzalez punched a hole in the shield covering the
bench after being substituted. Volpi added a second from Hubner's pass and the
stayed top of the goalscorers charts with a tap-in after Taglialatela spilled
Gautieri's volley.

Attendance : 7,000
Assists : Di Francesco, Hubner

Maniero 61						Montella 87,
De Franceschi 81						Montella 89 (Pens)

Di Franceschi launched a 50yd cross into the box, Antonioli flew off line but
Maniero beat him to the ball and shot under Zago's legs into an empty net.
Antonioli made brilliant saves from Maniero and Magallanes. Di Franceschi
smashed the ball under Antonioli's legs, he should have saved. Collina awarded
first penalty for Bilica's stupid flying hip attack on Batistuta and the second when
Cassano ran in Marasco though Marasco didn't help by leading with his forearm.

Attendance : 10,000
Assists : Magallanes, Batistuta (won pen), Cassano (won pen)

6 APRIL 2002

Scarchilli 21						Cruz 52

Scarchilli gave Torino the lead with a fantastic free kick. Cruz punished slack
defending from a corner to equalise.

Attendance : 
Assist : ?,

R Mehdi