5 October 2003

INTER					1-3			MILAN
Martins 78							Inzaghi 38
								Kaka 46
								Shevchenko 77

Milan were getting a lot of space on Inter's right side. Toldo was quick to block Kaka and
both Shevchenko and Inzaghi blazed over the bar after ghosting past defenders. Inzaghi
gave Milan a deserved lead late in the half when he directed Pirlo's free kick past Toldo.
Cafu caused panic in the Inter defence when he fired a low cross into the box, Toldo parried
the ball, Shevchenko made an opening for himself before shooting but was denied by an
amazing save, Helveg blocked Inzaghi as he was about to pull the trigger.

A strong run by Shevchenko, again down the right, opened up Inter. He passed to Gattuso and
Kaka arrived at the back post to head in his first ever Milan goal. Seedorf, back from injury,
blazed over from close range and Kaka should have scored his second but headed Shevchenko's
cross over the bar. Toldo made a stunning double save from Inzaghi and Nesta thwarted a rare
Inter attack with a brilliant recovery tackle. Shortly after Kily Gonzalez stung Dida's palms
with a shot Cuper substituted him for defender Brechet - decisions like that will ultimately cost
him his job. Cordoba headed against the post. Inzaghi sent a first time shot high into the stands
following good work by Kaka and Gattuso. Shevchenko attempted a one-two with Cafu, Cafu's
pass deflected off Cordoba and Shevchenko drilled a low shot in off Toldo. Three goals up Milan
switched off. Martins scored a spectacular consolation when he bulldozed his way through
Maldini and Nesta then sent a violent shot screaming into the net. Minutes later he shot
straight at Dida and Inter's late rally ended with Helveg heading wide.

A brilliant display of football by Milan. Shevchenko has now scored 11 goals in Milan derbies,
that's his 6th in the league, more than he managed during the whole of last season. Kaka had
another superb match . Rui Costa, who watched from the bench, is history, as is Cuper.

Assists : Pirlo (fk), Gattuso


The highlight of this match was a stupendous 30 yard shot by Ze Maria. Di Michele
was sent off for elbowing Gatti and Diamoutene got himself a second yellow for an
injury time foul on Bonazzoli.

Red Cards : Di Michele 74 (Reggina), Diamoutene 91 (Perugia)

								Fava 12, 46
								Iaquinta 32

A horrendous back pass gifted Fava his first Serie A goal. Iaquinta finished off an excellent
passing move before laying on a third for Fava.

Attendance : 10,740
Assists : Jorgensen, Iaquinta

								Cevoli 54
								Ungari 68
								Milanetto 75 (Pen)

Ballotta was sent off for handling the ball outside his box except he didn't. In any case
Empoli failed to take advantage and suffered an embarrassing defeat. Cevoli's stooping
header gave ten man Modena the lead. Ungari made it 0-2 with a looping header prompted
some Empoli fans to leave the stadium. To add insult to insult Lanzaro was sent off for
pulling back Amoruso as he took a shot, Milanetto tucked away the penalty.

Attendance : 5,100
Assists : Milanetto (fk), Milanetto (ck), Amoruso (won pen)
Red Cards : Ballotta 15 (Modena), Lanzaro 74 (Empoli)

Iuliano 23							Signori 26 (Pen)
Trezeguet 80 (Pen)

A curious opening goal in this match. Nedved swung a cross to the back post, Iuliano turned
away from the ball, possibly leaving it for a team-mate, it struck his shoulder and went in.
Signori blasted in a penalty after Nervo took a dive in the box. Pagliuca made two excellent
saves, one from Miccoli and another from a team-mates deflected shot. Trezeguet won the
match from the penalty spot, this time Zambrotta conned the ref. Trezeguet missed an open
goal after Pagliuca parried Di Vaio's shot straight at him. 

Attendance : 31,400
Assists : Nedved, Nervo (won pen), Zambrotta (won pen)

LAZIO					1-0			CHIEVO
Mihajlovic 64

Lazio threatened from set pieces but created little in open play. They should also have been
awarded a penalty for a foul on Muzzi. Mihajlovic gave Lazio their first win in three with a
deflected free kick. Liverani was sent off for handball.

Attendance : 45,000

Cassetti 33							Caracciolo 7, 69, 84
								Baggio 87

Caracciolo's deflected effort gave Brescia an early lead. Cassetti diverted Tonetto's shot past
Saja with a clever back heel. Lecce wasted chance after chance then Caracciolo suckered them
with a goal that looked offside. Ledesma was sent off for a terrible foul on Brighi and
Stankevicius was sent off for taking his protests too far. Caracciolo completed his hat-trick from
Schopp's cross and Baggio added a fourth minutes later.

Attendance : 13,000
Assists : Tonetto, Martinez, Filippini
Red Cards : Ledesma 75 (Lecce), Stankevicius 75 (Brescia)

Adriano 19

Surprisingly in a match between two terrible defences there was only one goal. Sacchetti
deflected Adriano's header into his own net when he turned his back to the ball, wimp.
Frey made World Class saves from Diani and Flachi twice.

Attendance : 18,000


There was a new advert for 3 mobile before this match. Three female footballers, one each
from Milan, Juve and Inter. The Milan player had ridiculously short shorts and a tight top, so
ridiculously short that when she took a free kick she jiggled, marvellous. Baggio was in the
stands recording the goal on his mobile. If the women looked like that in the WWC I'd watch.

SIENA					0-0			ROMA

Unfortunately for Roma most of their chances fell to Delvecchio and he's absolute
crap. By the time Montella came off the bench the chances dried up.

Attendance : 13,400

R Mehdi