20 February 2005


Marcolini 24  


Makinwa 60  


This was a major shock as Bologna hadn't lost since their controversial defeat against
Juventus in mid December and Atalanta are of course absolutely rubbish. Marcolini
tapped in Makinwa's deflected cross and Makinwa also scored on a rebound.

Attendance : 10,000
Assists : n/a, n/a



Rocchi 76

Attendance : 8,082
Red Cards : Brighi 81 (Chievo), Couto 87 (Lazio)
Assist : Liverani


Santana 43, 45  

Konan 6, 67

Toni 75  


Konan capitalised on Grosso's slip to give Lecce a surprise lead. Sicignano made an
unbelievable double save - first from Corini's penalty then Toni's follow-up. Vucinic
blew two excellent chances for Lecce. Zauli smashed Toni's cut back against
Diamoutene then the defender threw himself at the ball as Brienza followed up, it
bounced to Santana who was standing on the edge of the box and he curled a shot
into the top left corner, fantastic goal. Despite the presence of four defenders Toni
ran into the box unchallenged and centred for Santana's second. Konan equalised
after Brienza headed a shot off the line. Barone volleyed on a clever back heel and
Toni beat Diamoutene to poke in the winner.

Attendance : 35,000
Assists : Rullo, n/a, Toni, n/a, Barone


Gilardino 23 (Pen)  

Di Biagio 52 (Pen)

Morfeo 50    
Parma have been playing some great football in recent weeks and had already created
and wasted several chances before Gilardino gave them the lead from the penalty
spot. Of course playing with an extra man after a ridiculous red card helped greatly.
Collina was the ref by the way, wasn't there a link between Collina and Parma some
years ago? Morfeo added a second from long range. Di Biagio reduced the arrears
from the penalty spot.

Attendance : 12,000
Red Card : Domizzi 5 (Brescia)
Assists : Marchionni (won pen), ?, Delvecchio (won pen)
ROMA 3-0


Montella 8    
Perrotta 70  


Totti 85    
Totti ran onto a hospital pass and resisted two chances to go down before rolling the
ball to Montella, 1-0. Perrotta smashed in a loose ball and Totti completed an easy
victory with a fantastic goal. He was standing on the touchline with his back to play,
he turned sharply away from two Livorno players before sprinting towards the box
and drilling a low shot past Amelia.

Attendance : 45,000
Assists : Totti, n/a, ?


Franceschini 8 (og)  

Colucci 49

Flachi 45, 70 (Pen)  

Tedesco 88

Franceschini deflected Flachi's shot past his own 'keeper. Flachi finished off a superb
counter attack on the stroke of half time. Flachi headed a long ball onto Tonetto, Tonetto
fired the ball into the box, Kutuzov's run took out a defender and Flachi arrived to
smash the ball into the bottom corner. Colucci got Reggina back into the match at the
start of the second half with a superb header. Mozart struck the crossbar with a
fabulous shot from distance. Having earlier turned down a stone wall penalty for Samp
Dondarini awarded one for a dive. Bonazzoli headed on a hail Mary ball into the box and
Tedesco volley past Antonioli. Reggina almost snatched an equaliser.

Attendance : 21,000
Assists : n/a, Tonetto, Balestri, Gasbarroni (won pen), Bonazzoli


Flo 6    
Attendance : 14,000
Red Card : Pasquale 34 (Siena)
Assist : Alberto
19 February 2005


This was an ugly match, not because of the football but because of Farina's
irresponsible officiating. The problems started when Camoranesi swung a boot at
Zoro. The defender retaliated by grabbed Camoranesi's throat. Rezaei wrestled
Ibrahimovic to the ground as he attempted to meet a cross, Ibrahimovic made sure
Rezai went down with him, Rezai flicked out a boot at Ibrahimovic's chest. I assume
the idiot Farina was watching this because Ibrahimovic immediately appealed to
him, nothing. Parisi was booked for a shocking studs to the thigh foul on
Camoranesi, the type of challenge that looks worse every time you see it. It's a
miracle Camoranesi wasn't seriously injured. Ibrahimovic received a yellow card for
giving Zanchi a light headbutt. In between the fighting both teams struck the
woodwork. Juve finished stronger but Messina held on.

Juve without Nedved are like Milan without Shevchenko - rubbish. With the
Champions League resuming it's a hell of a time for both clubs to be playing their
worst football of the season.

Attendance : 40,000


Serginho 92    
Shevchenko fractured his cheekbone when challenging Loria for a cross. He'll be
wearing a protective mask when he returns. Big Ben Pancaro, yes that is his
nickname (because he's got a big er clock), earned a second yellow card for a foul on
Esposito. Having blasted over from the edge of the area from a rebound Rui Costa
then headed wide from 2 yards out. Unbelievable miss. In the second minute of
injury time Pisano tried to shepard a ball out of play after Cafu's cross was hacked
clear, Cafu pushed Pisano to the ground (although Cagliari's coach insists there was
no foul, Tombolini was probably making amends for failing to award a penalty for
handball) and sent the ball to the back post, Crespo missed, Serginho didn't,
connected with a left foot volley and rifled the ball into the top corner. Fabulous
shot. Agostini was sent off for his protests.

Attendance : 59,185
Red Card : Pancaro 76 (Milan), Agostini 93 (Cagliari)
Assist : Cafu


Goitom 90  

Veron 58

Veron received the ball some distance from goal, ran forward, beat a player then let rip
with a stunning shot which flew past De Sanctis. Adriano, who is going through the
same slump he had when he arrived at Inter last January, should have put the result
beyond doubt but missed an easy header. Goitom, which sounds like an oitment you
would use on a rash on your unmentionables, not that I would know anything about
that, headed in a last minute equaliser after Inter failed to clear from a corner.

Attendance : 25,000
Assists : Cambiasso, Bertotto
R Mehdi