25 February 2007


Ambrosini 90  


Attendance : 40,000
Red Cards : Oddo 10 (Milan), Olivera 39 (Sampdoria)
Assist : Jankulovski



Cribari 21


Rocchi 34

Agostini fouled Behrami to concede a free kick and kicked his arse as he lay on
the floor which I found very amusing. Ledesma swung the ball into the box and
Cribari headed Lazio. Ledesma also made the second with a glorious crossfield
pass out to Rocchi who instantly brought the ball under control in mid-air,
turned inside Bizera before taking one step forward and whipping a right foot
shoot into the top corner. Fabulous goal.

Attendance : 10,000
Red Card : Langella 78 (Cagliari)
Assists : Ledesma (fk), Ledesma


Spinesi 66  

Samuel 45

Corona 74  

Solari 49


Grosso 57


Ibrahimovic 67


Cruz 78



Inter created a ton of chances but kept missing until Samuel headed in a Stankovic
corner at the end of the first half. Solari collected a pass from Maicon and held off
Baiocco before beating Pantanelli with a shot which bounced off a post. Inter's
forgotten World Cup hero Fabio Grosso put the champions 0-3 up when his cross
sailed over Pantanelli's head before dropping into the net. Julio Cesar got a lucky
break on 66 minutes when he went through Spinesi as the striker ran onto a through
pass, Spinesi could have easily went down and earned himself a penalty and
Julio Cesar a red card but stayed on his feet and smashed the ball into the roof of the
net. A fantastic pass from Solari and a failed offside trap put Ibrahimovic in the clear
for Inter's fourth. Catania another goal back when Cordoba, who is having a crap
season, got burned by Corona on a long ball and four minutes later Cruz ended the
scoring after the excellent Maicon served up another chance.

Attendance : n/a
Red Card : Spinesi 88 (Catania)
Assists : Stankovic (ck), Maicon, Solari, n/a, Solari, Stovini, Maicon


Mutu 26  


Toni 75    
Dainelli hit a longball out of defence, Empoli defender Pratali, under pressure
from Toni, helped the ball onto Mutu and with Balli a couple of yards off his
line the Romanian dropped an exquisite lob over his head into the back of the
net. Pasquale made a run across the Empoli back line, Jorgensen played him in
with a reverse pass and as the Empoli defence tried to spring the offside trap
Pasquale centred for Toni to tap in his 13th goal of the season.

Attendance : 23,900
Assists : n/a, Pasquale


Attendance : 5,641
Assist : n/a


Alvarez 93  




Attendance : 7,000
Assist : n/a
ROMA 3-0


Tavano 55  


Mexes 65    
Panucci 90    
Roma lined up a free kick about 40 yards from goal. Totti took an awful shot but
the ball landed at Tavano's feet 12 yards from goal and he duly opened his Roma
account. Mexes made it 2-0 with a powerful header from Pizarro's corner. Totti
missed his SIXTH penalty of the season before substitutes Taddei and Vucinic
combined to set up Panucci for the third.

Attendance : 30,000
Assists : Totti, Pizarro (ck), Vucinic


Di Natale 42, 68 (Pen)  

Budan 8

Obodo 84  

Parravicini 78


Rossi 86 (Pen)

Parma's new president saw his relegation threatened club get off to a perfect
start when Croatian striker Igor Budan beat De Sanctis with a stunning shot from
25 yards which was his 10th goal of the campaign which is a tremendous return
for a player in a struggling team. Di Natale took advantage of terrible marking
by Perna to head in the equaliser then shot Udinese into the lead from the
penalty spot. Parravicini caught De Sanctis by surprise with a drive through a
packed penalty area. Obodo looked to have won the match when he drilled a loose
ball into the bottom corner prompting celebrations from Udinese's new coach
madman Malesani but teenager Rossi, on loan from Manchester United, kept his
composure to equalise from the penalty spot.

Attendance : 13,000
Assist : Rossi, n/a, Natali (won pen), Rossi, n/a, Gasbarroni (won pen)
24 February 2007


Bovo 2 (og)  


Bogdani 45    
Brighi 47    


Bogdani took a speculative shot from 20 yards and the ball took a deflection off
Bovo's backside before looping over Abbiati in the Torino goal. Bogdani towered
above the Torino defence to head in a 50 yard free kick. Bogdani intercepted a
ball inside the Torino box and tried to make space for a shot before turning
into traffic, Obinna took the ball off his feet, danced around the back of the
Torino defence and pulled the ball across goal for Brighi to tap in the third.
Pellissier should have made it 4-0 but missed a penalty.

Attendance : n/a
Assists : n/a, D'Anna, Obinna


Zampagna 14  

Diana 58

Doni helped on Ariatti's cross leaving an unmarked Zampagna to smash the ball in
at he back post. Both goalkeepers pulled out all the stops with some spectacular
saves before Pisano drew out Calderoni and centred, leaving Diana with a tap-in.
Jimmy Fontana and Atalanta defender Loria both left the field after an ugly mid-
air collision knocked them the f out.

Palermo are doing a shitty job in coping without Amauri and they must beat Milan
next week in order to maintain their loose grip on third place. If they don't,
they'll eventually slip out of the top four.

Attendance : 8,800
Assists : Doni, Pisano
R Mehdi