6 May 2007


Ariatti 11  

Vergassola 48 (Pen)

Vieri 65  


Carrozzieri 91  


Corvia missed a chance to cancel out Ariatti's 11th minute header when he
slammed a penalty against a post. Siena got another chance from the spot three
minutes into the restart and this time luck was on Vergassola's side as his shot
flew in off the underside of the crossbar. Atalanta, without the inspirational
Doni following a hernia operation, brought on Vieri as a second half substitute.
With his back to goal about 50 yards from goal he juggled a pass off a thigh,
turned and hit an incredible left foot volley which bounced over Manninger into
the net. Carrozzieri, who gave away Siena's second penalty, headed in the third
from a Bombardini free kick after Alberto and Bertotto earned themselves cheap
second yellow cards.

Attendance : 12,000
Red Cards : Alberto 89 (Siena), Bertotto 89 (Siena)
Assists : Rivalta, Alberto (won pen), Rivalta, Bombardini


Marchini 66  

Muntari 43

Capone 84  


Iaquinta, who surely cannot be at Udinese next season, drew two defenders as he
collected a pass on the right hand side of the box, fired in a centre and
Muntari shot first time past Chimenti. Amateur hour defending from a corner
gifted Cagliari the equaliser, Suazo touched back for Marchini to score from 12
yards. Trefoloni showed Iaquinta a ludicrous red card for a supposed elbow on
Budel but to be fair to the Sardinians they were totally on top in the second
half and his absence wouldn't have made a difference to the result. Capone
scored a deserved winner when he drilled a loose ball through a packed penalty

The victory doesn't quite secure Cagliari's Serie A status next season but
almost certainly ends Udinese's hopes of claiming a UEFA Cup place.

Attendance : 10,000
Red Card : Iaquinta 81 (Udinese)
Assists : Iaquinta, Suazo, n/a


Pellissier 5  




Coly and Cigarini were absolutely floored but two heavy tackles in midfield but
Rizzoli let play continue and Semioli dribbled into the box before pulling the
ball back to Pellissier who took a touch before hammering into the roof of the
net. Chievo were well worth the three points and Rossi, the catalyst for Parma's
remarkable recovery in recent weeks, had a very quiet game.

Any one from eight teams could join Messina and Ascoli in Serie B next season so
I'll wait until next week before commenting on the battle for survival.

Attendance : 11,934
Assist : Semioli


Pozzi 23  

Spinesi 28

Almiron 26    
Pozzi raced onto a through pass leaving the Catania defence in his wake before
toe poking the ball past Pantanelli. Pantanelli was picking the ball out his net
for a second time three minutes later. Almiron received a pass 35 yards and took
a swing with his right foot and his low shot bobbled inside Pantanelli's left
post. Spinesi crashed into a defender as he attacked Mascara's flick on to
volley in his 16th of the season.

Attendance : 4,000
Assists : Moro, Raggi, Mascara


Jimenez 27  


Attendance : 25,000
Assist : Pandev



Crespo 72

Attendance : 16,000
Assist : Adriano


Attendance : 60,000
Assist : n/a


Tedesco 86  

Totti 17


Cassetti 36

Totti gave Roma the lead with a magnificent 35 yard free kick. Perrotta ran
through a Corini tackle as he made his way into the box before slipping a pass
between two defenders for the onrushing Cassetti to shoot past Fontana. Curci,
given a chance in the Roma goal ahead of the desperately average Doni, made a
string of excellent saves before Tedesco beat him on a rebound.

There was a bizarre incident after the end of this match, which was the last
match in the Contro Campo highlights package. After a return to the studio an
old man approached the centre of a large podium on which the presenter directs
traffic in front of the panel and studio audience. He shouted something about
Berlusconi before being lead away. This possibly has something to do with Inter
moaning about the hysterical reaction some sections of the press and media (i.e.
those owned by Berlusconi) have had following Milan's victory over Manchester

"I complimented Gennaro Gattuso and Kaka on reaching the Champions League Final.
What I will say is that being a club whose President owns 22 newspapers, what
Milan does is praised more than the other sides." - Roberto Mancini

Attendance : 24,680
Assists : Totti (won fk), Perrotta, n/a


Attendance : 18,000
Assist : n/a


Rosina 18  


Attendance : 22,000
Assist : Stellone
R Mehdi