20 January 2008

INTER 3 (Cambiasso 30, Ibrahimovic 88 Pen, Ibrahimovic 93)
PARMA 2 (Cigarini 40, Cesar 68 og)

It looked to be business as usual for Inter when Cambiasso shot the champions into the lead from a corner. Luca Cigarini, who plays in the Pirlo position and thus has been compared to the Milan midfielder, arrived in the box to despatch Reginaldo's centre past Julio Cesar. Midway through the second half Cesar deflected Gasbarroni's free kick past a helpless Julio Cesar. Bucci charged off his line to block from Jimenez, Ibrahimovic lobbed the ball over his head towards a gaping net, Couto made a brilliant clearance only problem was he headed the ball against his arm. The ref sent him off and Ibrahimovic stepped up to convert the penalty. To add insult to injury deep into stoppage time Ibrahimovic pulled down a cross and fired in the winner.

Attendance : 45,000
Red Cards : Couto 88 (Parma), Di Carlo 93 (Parma)
Assists : n/a, Reginaldo, n/a, n/a, Cruz


Attendance : 22,379
Assist : n/a

LIVORNO 1 (Tavano 51 Pen)

Attendance : 8,000
Assist : Vidigal (won pen)

NAPOLI 2 (Hamsik 5, Hamsik 94)
LAZIO 2 (Ledesma 26, Pandev 31)

Lazio coach Delio Rossi was given the dread vote of confidence and saw his cheap team fall behind to a brilliant volley from Napoli's outstanding Slovakian midfielder Marek Hamsik. Ledesma, one of several players who will leave Lazio at the end of the season, equalised with a precise low drive from 20 yards. Pandev burst onto a pass from Tare and slotted into the corner. Granddad Ballotta kept Lazio in the match with several great saves before Hamsik fired a loose ball through a ruck of players which may have taken a deflection on it's way into the net.

Attendance : 30,000
Red Cards : Blasi 91 (Napoli), Stendardo 95 (Lazio)
Assists : n/a, n/a, Tare, n/a

PALERMO 2 (Amauri 4, Miccoli 76 Pen)
SIENA 3 (Locatelli 5, Maccarone 11, Loria 78)

Amauri, who has been valued at an insane 25 million by Palermo's crackpot president Mario Zamparni, headed Palermo in front from a Miccoli free kick. Locatelli punished a poor header from Barzagli, another of Juve's targets, to equalise. No one bothered to show a replay of Maccarone's goal. Miccoli equalised from the penalty spot. Loria won it with a fluke header which looped up in the air before dropping over Jimmy's head.

Attendance : 22,542
Assists : Miccoli (ck), n/a, Rossettini, n/a, Rossettini

REGGINA 2 (Brienza 67, Cozza 80)

Reggina sold Amoruso to Shakhtar Donetsk earlier this week and his replacement, Franco Brienza, found himself unmarked on the edge of the six yard box as a cross sailed over the heads of the Cagliari defenders and he steadied himself before steering the ball into the opposite corner of the net. Reggina captain Franco Cozza scored a fantastic second. On the edge of the box he flicked up a clearance before sending a volley crashing in off the underside of the crossbar.

Attendance : 11,000
Assists : Stuani, n/a

ROMA 2 (Giuly 8, De Rossi 57 Pen)

Taddei's low drive came back off a post and Giuly tucked away the rebound. De Rossi took over penalty duties in Totti's absence and finished emphatically shortly after Terlizzi supposedly pulled back Taddei. Looked live a dive to me.

A message to the idiots who post videos of the goals online I do not need to listen goals accompanied to music from that stupid fat wanker Robbie Williams. Seriously? Robbie f*cking Williams? Rock DJ? FFS are you all 13 year old girls? Rai don't show replays of penalty incidents in their brief afternoon highlights and I'm not sitting through two hours of Domenica Sportiva with the panel spending an hour going through the sodding evening match to get to them.

Attendance : 35,000
Assists : n/a, Taddei (won pen)

MILAN 1 (Gilardino 92)

Attendance : 26,000
Assist : Kaka'

19 January 2008

GENOA 2 (Borriello 73, Figueroa 84)
ATALANTA 1 (Doni 67 Pen)

Doni returned from a three match ban and put Atalanta in front with his fourth penalty of the season. Rossi volleyed a pass to Borriello with his back to play, Borriello bounced the ball off his knee, turned and fired past Coppola. Birmingham City reject Luciano Figueroa headed in the winner from a corner.

Attendance : 24,000
Assists : Floccari (won pen), Rossi, Paro

FIORENTINA 2 (Vieri 47 Pen, Mutu 75 Pen)
TORINO 1 (Grella 58)

Bjelanovic headed a Rosina free kick across the box and Grella's low drive fizzed in off a post. Either side of Grella's equaliser Fiorentina were given two utter bullshit penalties. The second was absolutely scandalous, Mutu was about a foot away from a defender when he took his second dive. God knows what the ref and linesman were watching. Vieri's goal on half time was his 200th in Italy.

Attendance : 27,995
Assists : Mutu (won pen), Bjelanovic, Mutu (won pen)