22 February 2009

CATANIA 2 (Capuano 35, Potenza 74)

Reggina goalkeeper Puggioni did his team no favours when he un-necessarily punched out a cross with a defender better placed, Capuano fired the loose ball into the back of the net. Catania's second followed another defensive mistake. Tedesco blasted in a free kick from the right touchline, Lanzaro tried to clear but miss-timed his header, Puggioni tripped Paolucci before he could pounce on a loose ball and Potenza scored.

Attendance : 16,000
Assists : n/a, n/a

FIORENTINA 2 (Gilardino 73, Mutu 94)
CHIEVO 1 (Morero 13)

The home side were caught sleeping on a corner. Yepes helped on Italiano's cross and Morero screwed in a volley from close range. Prandelli switched formations twice in this match, eventually playing 4-2-4. Gilardino found space in a packed penalty area to head in the equaliser. Italiano was sent off for a second bookable offence and for the second successive week Mutu scored an injury time goal, however this was hugely controversial. As a Chievo player laid injured on the centre circle following a collision, Pasquale ran down the left flank, put in a centre, Gilardino touched the ball back and Mutu fired through Sorrentino's legs.

Attendance : 28,000
Red Card : Italiano 82 (Chievo)
Assists : Yepes, Pasquale, Gilardino

LAZIO 2 (Stendardo 10 og, Kolarov 50)

Foggia set Lazio on the way to their first win six games with an early strike. The midfielder met full back Lichtsteiner's cross with a perfectly timed volley, the ball hit Stendardo's arse and bounced past a wrong footed Benussi. Foggia also had a hand in Lazio's second. His one-two released Kolarov and he dribbled down the left, turned a defender inside out and from an improbable angle placed a shot inside the top right corner.

Attendance : 7,000
Assists : n/a, Foggia

MILAN 1 (Seedorf 65)

Attendance : 56,000
Assist : n/a

GENOA 1 (Jankovic 69)

Attendance : 45,000
Assist : Motta

SAMPDORIA 1 (Pazzini 61)

A magnificent, delicate lobbed pass by Cassano, over the heads of three defenders, put Pazzini in for the winner.

Attendance : 21,000
Assist : Cassano

TORINO 1 (Dellafiore 81)

Attendance : 19,000
Red Card : Domizzi 93 (Udinese)
Assist : Stellone

21 February 2009

BOLOGNA 1 (Britos 79)
INTER 2 (Cambiasso 57, Balotelli 82 fk)

Adriano headed down a Maicon corner and the overrated and lightweight Cambiasso brought the ball under control before lashing it into the net. Britos levelled from a corner, his header bounced past Cambiasso who was supposed to be guarding one of the posts. Talented idiot Balotelli, the new Cassano, maintained Inter's unassailable lead at the top of the table when his free kick from way out wide left miles from goal sailed over the heads of the massed ranks in the Bologna penalty box and bounced in off a post.

Attendance : 34,500
Assists : Adriano, Volpi (ck), Balotelli (won fk)

ROMA 1 (Taddei 63)

Attendance : 45,000
Assists : n/a

JUVENTUS 2 (Sissoko 26, Trezeguet 79)

Sissoko scored an amazing goal. He dispossessed Nocerino in the Palermo half, threw a couple of stepovers at a defender, took the ball onto his left foot then absolutely hammered the ball into the roof of the net with his right. Trezeguet's first goal since his long injury lay-off was more routine, his shot from an Amauri centre took a slight deflection off Kjaer en route to goal.

Attendance : 35,293
Assists : n/a, n/a