25 October 2009

CHIEVO 1 (Pinzi 7)
MILAN 2 (Nesta 81, Nesta 92)

Milan fell behind to the third time in a week to a well worked goal. Bogdani passed a ball out wide to Mantovani, Pellissier touched back his first time cross and Pinzi shot into the corner. Milan rained in crosses in the second half. Sorrentino made great saves from Ronaldinho and Seedorf. Borriello headed a Pirlo cross against the underside of the bar and Nesta flung himself at the ball, smashing his head into the back of a defender as he headed in the equaliser. Seconds into injury time Granoche got a firm header to a Pellisier cross, Dida dived to his left, anticipated a shot towards the bottom left corner, as the ball veered towards the opposite corner Dida flung out his right hand to parry and Thiago Silva hacked clear. Fantastic save. A minute later Pirlo swung a corner to the back post and Nesta headed in off Morero.

If Milan beat Napoli this Wednesday then they really have turned the corner. According to ESPN Milan have opened negotiations with Ajax for Luis Suarez. It's not looking good for Huntelaar.

Attendance : 22,000
Assists : Pellissier, Pirlo, n/a

ATALANTA 3 (Valdes 43 Pen, Tiribocchi 52, Peluso 84)
PARMA 1 (Paloschi 77)

Panucci's volleyball spike sent Atalanta into a half time lead. Tiribocchi ran an across goal and got his bald head onto a cross after Padoin out muscled Garics on the right flank. Paloschi headed Parma back into the game from a corner but Peluso killed off any hopes of a comeback when he turned in Valdes' corner at the near post to seal a thoroughly deserved second successive victory for Conte's men.

Attendance : 10,000
Assists : n/a, Padoin, Dzemaili (ck), Valdes (ck)

BARI 2 (Barreto 11, Meggiorini 69)

Almiron dropped a long ball over the top of a square Lazio defence and Baretto flicked past the advancing Muslera. Meggiorini scored within a minute of replacing Barreto, blasting Kutuzov's centre past the overworked Muslera. Dabo was shown a second yellow for a premeditated jumping foul on Alvarez. The striker was, fortune, not hurt.

Attendance : 21,000
Red Card : Dabo 82 (Lazio)
Assists : Almiron, Kutuzov

CAGLIARI 3 (Biondini 55, Nene 78 Pen, Lazzari 87)
GENOA 2 (Mesto 20, Floccari 59)

Dessena deflected Mesto's free kick past his own goalkeeper. Dessena arched a pass over a packed penalty area to Agostini, the midfielder's brilliant first touch put him in on goal, Amelia dived at his feet to make a block tackle, the ball whistled across the goal, Jeda intercepted, passed to Dessena, his shot cannoned off the left post and Biondini tapped in the rebound. Floccari punished Lopez's slack clearance to put Genoa back in front. The turning point came when Moretti threw himself into a Cossu shot, the ball struck his arm and the ref sent him off. Very, very harsh. Matri was fouled on the edge of the box, as four Genoa defenders appealed to the ref he waved play on and Lazzari snuck through to score the winner.

Five goals have been scored in four of Genoa's nine league games.

Attendance : 12,000
Red Card : Moretti 77 (Genoa)
Assists : n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a

NAPOLI 1 (Maggio 88)

Attendance : 26,773
Red Card : Mazzarri 65 (Napoli)
Assist : Denis

PALERMO 1 (Asamoah 87 og)

Attendance : 21,034
Assist : n/a

LIVORNO 1 (Tavano 40)

Attendance : 30,000
Red Card : De Lucia 64 (Livorno)
Assist : Pulzetti

JUVENTUS 1 (Amauri 72)

Attendance : 14,000
Assist : Diego (fk)

24 October 2009

SAMPDORIA 4 (Pazzini 8, Mannini 17, Ziegler 26, Mannini 33)
BOLOGNA 1 (Osvaldo 62)

Palombo hit a 50 yard crossfield pass out to Cassano on the right, he took the ball IN HIS STRIDE, cut inside his marker and centred, Pazzini ran across the box and flicked a shot past Viviano. Sampdoria's second is a sure fire candidate for goal of the season. With his back to goal Pazzini bounced another crossfield pass off his chest and hooked a pass over his shoulder to Mannini and before gravity could take effect the former Napoli midfielder sent a right foot volley ripping inside Viviano's left post. MAGNIFICENT GOAL. Ziegler made it 3-0 with a low 25 yard drive. Di Vaio was sent off complaining about being thrashed. Cassano destroyed two defenders on the left flank, turning them inside out twice before sticking up a cross for Mannini to head in at the back post. Osvaldo pounced on a goalkeeping error to score a consolation goal.

Berlusconi needs to pass a new law in parliament which forces Lippi to pick Cassano. It would be a crime against football if he doesn't play at the World Cup. Technically he stands alone, not even Messi, Ibrahimovic or Ronaldo can do what he can do with the ball.

Attendance : 30,000
Red Card : Di Vaio 28 (Bologna)
Assists : Cassano, Pazzini, Mannini, Cassano, n/a

INTER 2 (Muntari 13, Sneijder 31 fk)
CATANIA 1 (Mascara 83 Pen)

Muntari was standing a few yards in front of the centre circle when he hit a longball upto Eto'o, Eto'o attempted to get a touch but missed, the ball bounced in the six yard box and over Campagnolo. Inter's first goal may have been shit but the second wasn't. Sneijder scored with a fantastic free kick. Julio 'Hail' Cesar fumbled a fiercely struck shot by Plasmati and in trying to make amends cut down the striker. Mascara's penalty almost tore a hole in the net. Speaking of which that actually happened during the recent World Youth Cup match.

Eto'o was, once again, poor.

Attendance : 57,745
Assists : Chivu, Eto'o (won fk), Plasmati (won fk)