5 December 2011

LAZIO 3 (Biava 16, Rocchi 23, Rocchi 72)

Two set pieces from the right, two goals. Klose missed an open goal. Rocchi played a ball out wide to Gonzalez who actually managed to deliver a good cross for a change, Rocchi jumped in the air and volleyed past Ujkani. Cisse was put in on goal and having done the hard part in skipping over a sliding tackle his shot bounced off the inside of the right post and into the 'keepers arms. Ujkani parried from Klose and a desperate Cisse fell over when attacking a rebound he didn't have a prayer of getting to.

Attendance : 20,000
Assists : Hernanes (ck), Ledesma (fk), Gonzalez

4 December 2011

CAGLIARI 1 (Ibarbo 64)

21 year old Colombian Victor Ibarbo scored an incredible solo goal. If he's really 21 it's even more incredible.

Attendance : 14,000
Assist : Conti

BOLOGNA 1 (Di Vaio 28)

Attendance : 19,000
Assist : Diamanti


Attendance : 12,000
Assist : n/a

FIORENTINA 3 (Jovetic 17 Pen, Gamberini 44, Silva 86 Pen)

There was a minutes silence for Brazilian legend Socrates who passed away. He played for Fiorentina for one season back in the mid 80s.

Jovetic grabbed hold of Juan as he challenged for a ball in the box, he pulled the Brazilian down on top of him. Crafty. Penalty and red card. Gamberini towered above Heinze to head in a Montolivo corner. It was the third successive game in which he's scored against the Giallorossi. Bojan leapt in the air to spike the ball. It was a magnificent save and earned him a first career red card. Journeyman striker Santiago Silva despatched the penalty.

Luis Enrique needs to stop the bleeding next week against Juventus. The board may still foolishly back him but I think he'll have the good sense to fall on his sword.

Attendance : 24,000
Red Cards : Juan 16 (Roma), Gago 77 (Roma), Bojan 85 (Roma)
Assists : Jovetic (won pen), Montolivo (ck), n/a

JUVENTUS 2 (Marchisio 72, Vidal 83 Pen)

Del Piero was busted wide open after sticking his head into Rossi's boot as he cleared a ball. Marchisio, the real star of Juve's midfield, had his back to goal as Vidal fired in pass, he controlled the ball with his right foot as he turned then swept a shot inside the post with his left. Juve got a bullshit penalty. Antonioli threw himself at a cross, punched the ball and floored Giaccherini on the follow through.

Attendance : 27,000
Red Card : Antonioli 81 (Cesena)
Assist : Vidal, Giaccherini (won pen)

3 December 2011

UDINESE 1 (Isla 73)

Isla finished off a counter attack with a firm shot low into the bottom left corner. Inter's malaise is even effecting Zanetti. He was shown a red card for the first time in 543 Serie A games for a late tackle on Asamoah. Big game bottler Di Natale, who missed a hatful of chances, had his spot kick saved. Inter had a chance to take a point after Ferronetti brought down Milito but Pazzini did a John Terry and slipped as he took his penalty.

Attendance : 56,000
Red Cards : Zanetti 85 (Inter), Ferronetti 90 (Udinese)
Assist : Floro Flores

NAPOLI 4 (Lavezzi 26, Cavani 33, Dzemaili 42, Cavani 82)
LECCE 2 (Muriel 54, Corvia 94)

Lavezzi beat two players as he cut in from the left and his shot proved too hot to handle for Lecce goalkeeper Benassi in what were admittedly dreadful conditions. Pandev pulled down a crossfield pass with a magnificent first touch - with the outside of his left foot, then slipped a ball between two defenders for Cavani. Ferrario's clearance was returned with interest by Dzemaili who caught the ball with a cracking first time shot from 20 yards.

Lecce's 20 year old Colombian forward Muriel ran Aronica down the line then whipped a shot into the opposite corner. Great goal. Cavani tapped in a Lavezzi center and Corvia headed in a last minute corner.

Pandev was the best support striker in Serie A while at Lazio. At Inter he was a disaster but following his mid-week performance against Juve and today against Lecce I think it's safe to say he's back. Of course he wouldn't be the first player who was a complete f*ck up at Inter.

Attendance : 49,000
Red Cards : Di Francesco 88 (Lecce)
Assists : n/a, Pandev, n/a, Mesbah, Lavezzi, Bertolacci (ck)

2 December 2011

MILAN 2 (Ibrahimovic 56 Pen, Nocerino 79)

Kaladze gave his former team-mates a helping hand, as he should because he gave the opposition plenty when he played for Milan, when he chopped down Ibrahimovic to concede the penalty and earn a second yellow. Robinho repeated his Barcelona miss from a yard out after Aquilani mugged a defender and pulled back a center. Nocerino made no such mistake after a tremendous run by Boateng.

Sometime over the weekend Allegri was asked why he left his girlfriend and stunning MILF Barbara D'Urso he said "It's just a tactical change".


Attendance : 23,000
Red Card : Kaladze 54 (Genoa)
Assists : Ibrahimovic (won pen), Boateng