6 December 2005


Attendance : 6,000
Assist : n/a


Ahead of the Milan derby and having already qualified Inter fielded a weakened side but still took the lead when Mihajlovic sent a corner kick straight onto Adriano's head. Buffel dispossessed Zanetti in his own half and sent the ball straight through the middle of the Inter defence and Lovenkrands raced away before finding the bottom corner.

Attendance : 49,018
Assists : Mihajlovic (ck), Buffel

23 November 2005


Figo, confident after breaking his duck at the weekend, took a pass from Veron and gently stroked the ball inside a post. He then sent Adriano clear with a long ball over the top of the Artmedia defence and the miss-firing Brazilian lobbed wide of Cobej. He added a second following a triple one-two with Recoba and completed his hat-trick with a thumping drive from the edge of the box.

Attendance : 0,000
Assists : Veron, Figo, Recoba, Stankovic


Lisandro Lopez gave Porto the lead and almost broke his neck with a brilliant diving header. Rangers scored a fine equaliser, Burke headed Ricksen's cross to the edge of the six yard box and 19 year old McCormack smacked the ball first time into the corner.

Attendance : 39,439
Assists : Bosingwa, Burke

1 November 2005


Kyrgiakos headed back an overhit free kick leaving Prso with a simple header. Borbely scrambled Artmedia level after bad defending on a corner. Ricksen played a short corner to Prso and hit a perfect cross to the back post which Thompson powered into the net. Waterreus gifted Artmedia a second equaliser when he rushed off his line to clear a high ball and slammed it into the back of an Artmedia player allowing Koza (Ving Rhames, what where they thinking, Vialli was perfect for the role) to volley it into an empty net. I can just imagine Vialli now :

"You are-e under arrest (long pause) you punk-e."

Attendance : 6,527
Assists : Kyrgiakos, n/a, Prso, n/a


Almeida gave Porto the lead with an absolute monster of a free kick from a simply ridiculous distance. Standing right of centre he struck a shot which kept rising and curling before tearing into the top left corner of the net. Cruz came on for Adriano (again) and equalised from the spot after Pedro Emmanuel kicked Pizarro then headed in the winner from a Mihajlovic corner.

Attendance : 0,000
Assists : Almeida (won fk), Pizarro (won pen), Mihajlovic (ck)

19 October 2005


Attendance : 49,018
Assists : n/a


Inter were looking good for the opening goal under Meterazzi sliced Bosingwa's cross into his own net. McCarthy had two bites at a free kick. After his initial effort was charged down his second shot took a deflection off Veron's shin and flew into the bottom corner. After what happened in their last match Porto were due a bit of luck.

I intended to record the highlights of Porto vs Artmedia today but delirious with finally ending my six month quest to record an episode of Chucklevision that on two separate occasions, due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, I had missed I mistakenly thought the highlights started at 6pm not 4pm, confusing 16.00 for 6.00.

Attendance : 38,414
Assists : n/a, n/a

28 September 2005


Attendance : 0,000
Assist : n/a


Seconds after Artmedia's goalkeeper Cobej saved from Jorginho, Quaresma recycled the ball and hit a cross which bent outwards right onto Gonzalez's head. Jorginho caught the Artmedia defence napping on a throw in, Diego danced his way past two defenders before firing into the corner. Cobej denied Diego a second with a brilliant save. Petras gave Artmedia what should have been nothing more than a consolation goal at the end of the first half, ironically the move started from a throw-in. Urbanek quickly laid off Foderk's pass to Petras, as he flew into the box he sent Ricardo Costa crashing to the ground with a feint before rifling the ball into the bottom corner.

An amazing equaliser followed early in the second half. Urbanek brought the ball out of his box when defending a corner. He passed to substitute Helenar who seemed to have lost the impetuous for a counter attack by slowing down and checking back allowing both teams to swarm back into midfield. Halenar looked up and hit the most incredible 50 yard pass through a square Porto defence to Kozak, Baia came off his line to block but Kozac calmly stepped away and shot into the corner. Ridiculous, brilliant goal. Cobej did a Dudek and saved a shot from McCarthy he had no right to save. Forbek won a free kick following a raid upfield. Kozak sent a wicked cross into the box which sailed over the heads of two Porto players and Borbely got in front of Ricardo Costa to slam the ball into the roof of the net.

Artmedia managed 4 shots to Porto's 28 and only had 36% possession. A ridiculous result made even more memorable by the outrageous quality of Artmedia's first two goals. This was one of the great Champions League matches.

Attendance : 40,000
Assists : Quaresma, Jorginho (throw-in), Urbanek, Halenar, Kozak (fk)

13 September 2005


Attendance : 15,00
Red Card : Veron 56 (Inter)
Assist : Adriano


Lovenkrands volleyed Rangers into the lead when everyone failed to deal with Ricksen's high ball into the box. Pepe equalised with a fantastic header from a corner. Kyrgiakos and Lamouchi flicked on a free kick and Prso pushed down Baia's hand as he leapt for the ball and it hit him on the chest before nestling in the back of the net, clear foul. Pepe equalised for a second time from a corner. Almeida missed a chance to put Porto in front before Kyrgiakos capitalised on more appalling defending to head in the winner.

Attendance : 52,000
Assists : Ricksen, Cesar (ck), Namouchi, Cesar (ck), Ferguson
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