5 December 2006

GALATSARAY 3 (Necati 24, Okan 28, Ilic 79)
LIVERPOOL 2 (Fowler 22, 90)

Unquestionably Galatasaray have the worst defence in this competition (Levski are in a much tougher group). Bellamy whipped in a cross from the left flank, Tomas jumped for the ball and missed as did the erratic Mondragon and Fowler scored via a thigh. Xabi Alonso drew Gala level with an atrocious hospital pass straight to Necati. Four minutes later Okan volleyed the Turks in front after Liverpool failed to clear a corner. Mehmet played a one-two with Sabri on the right flank, Sabri returned the ball with an outrageous reverse pass, Mehmet skipped a half arsed challenge before pulling the ball back for Ilic to score Gala's third. Fowler grabbed his second following good work by Pennant.

Attendance : 23,000
Assists : Bellamy, n/a, n/a, Mehmet, Pennant

PSV 1 (Alex 87 fk)
BREMEN 3 (Faubert 7, Dalmat 25, Darcheville 37)

Darcheville angled a pass between PSV's giant centre backs towards Faubert and Gomes, who was miles off his line trying to close down the angle, left him with a gaping goal to aim at and he duly obliged by passing into an empty net. The much travelled Dalmat made Gomes look an even bigger idiot when he beat him with a lob from 25 yards. Gomes still hadn't learned his lesson and was once again punished for straying off his line when Dalmat and Laslandes exchanged passed before playing in Darcheville. Alex almost tore a hole in the net with a violent free kick.

Attendance : 29,000
Assists : Darcheville, Faubert?, Laslandes, Farfan (won fk)

22 November 2006

LIVERPOOL 2 (Gerrard 65, Crouch 89)

Liverpool's first goal started at the back with Reina hitting a goal kick to Finnan, Finnan passed to Kuyt who turned the giant Alex before slipping a pass inside to Gerrard (playing in the centre in case you're wondering) and he beat Gomes with a low shot. Da Costa, another giant centre back, failed to clear a Reina goalkick, Alex's sloppy header gave possession to Zenden, he pass the ball out wide to Luis Garcia who totally over-hit his cross however Kuyt rescued the ball and headed back across goal for Crouch to score his fourth Champions League goal.

Attendance : 41,948
Assists : Kuyt, Kuyt

BORDEAUX 3 (Sehan 22 og, Laslandes 47, Faubert 50)
GALATASARAY 1 (Inamoto 73)

Galatasaray missed about half a dozen chances to clear their lines and Alonso eventually made them pay via a deflection off Sehan. More appalling defending was ruthlessly punished by Laslandes (remember him)? Ayhan slipped as Faubert bombed down the right flank, Sehan should have cleared his centre but completely missed the ball and Laslandes flicked it up before sending a volley crashing into the net. Inamoto conceded a free kick with a foul on Alonso. Wendel sent the ball kick into the heart of a packed penalty area and Faubet got goal-side of Cihan to head in Bordeaux's third. Arda was sent off for a brilliant Zidane style headbutt to Jurietti's chest. The chest headbutt should be used as a Pro-Wrestling move, it would draw great heat in Italy. Inamoto pounced on a mistake by Ducasse to score Gala's consolation goal.

Attendance : 30,000
Red Card : Turan 59 (Galatasaray)
Assists : n/a, Faubert, Wendel (fk), n/a

31 October 2006

LIVERPOOL 3 (Luis Garcia 23, 76, Gerrard 72)

Luis Garcia blasted Liverpool into the lead with a superb left foot volley at the neat post. Menegazzo was sent off for head-butting Riise right in front of the ref, leaving the Norwegian with a cut above his left eye. Gerrard burst onto a Zenden through pass into a sizeable gap in the heart of the Bordeaux defenceand despite a poor finish Rame's weak handling allowed him to end his long goal drought. Luis Garcia pounced on a mistake by Jemmali to add a third.

Attendance : 41,978
Red Card : Menegazzo 67 (Bordeaux)
Assists : Gerrard, Zenden, n/a

PSV 2 (Simons 59, Kone 84)

Simons headed over the line after Mondragon was forced to parry Cocu's defected header. Kone missed a million chances before scoring a superb goal. He chased down a long ball, ran over Inamoto and rounded the 'keeper before blasting a shot inside the post.

Kone is the Ivorian Defoe - he's quick, has great technique but laughable composure.

Attendance : 36,000
Red Card : Tomas 39 (Galatasaray)
Assists : n/a, n/a

18 October 2006

LIVERPOOL 1 (Crouch 58)

Attendance : 33,000
Assist : Bellamy (ck)

GALATASARAY 1 (Alex 19 og)
PSV 2 (Kromkamp 59, Kone 72)

An excellent passing move ended with Alex inadvertently deflecting Ilic's shot past his own 'keeper. The infuriating Mondragon, great one mistake a disaster the next, was beaten at his near post by Kromkamp's speculative shot. The Gala defence tried to play Kone offside about 40 yards from goal as Vayrynen sent him clear and needless to say this irresponsible tactic didn't work.

Attendance : 22,000
Assists : n/a, Culina, Vayrynen

27 September 2006

LIVERPOOL 3 (Crouch 9, Luis Garcia 14, Crouch 52)
GALATASARAY (Umit 60, 65)

Crouch volleyed Liverpool into the lead from a quite excellent cross from left back Aurelio. Pennant stole the ball off a defender as he tried to clear after a team-mate put him in danger with an atrocious pass, Mondragon came off his line to close down the angle for a shot so Pennant chipped the ball over his head and Luis Garcia butted in Liverpool's second. Crouch scored a magnificent third. Pennant, who was proving to be a real nuisance on the right forced a mistake from Sukur, Finnan intercepted, nutmegged a defender then fired an arcing cross towards the centre circle where it was met by a sensational overhead kick and crashed into the back of the net. Shades of Van Basten. Umit, on as a second half substitute, scored with two fantastic headers from crosses from either flank and were it not for that useless old wretch Sukur Galatasaray may have been stolen a point.

Attendance : 41,976
Assists : Aurelio, Pennant, Finnan, Arda, Sabri

PSV 1 (Vayrynen 65)

I'd rather sell a kidney to the Chinese then watch these two teams again.

Attendance : 26,000
Red Card : Lamey 85 (PSV)
Assist : Kone

12 September 2006


Attendance : 60,000
Assists : n/a


Attendance : 30,000
Assists : n/a