11 June 1998

ITALY				2-2			CHILE 2 
Vieri 10							Salas 48,50 
Baggio 85 (penalty)

A superb counter attack gave Italy the lead, Maldini launched a long pass to Baggio
who cushioned the ball into Vieri’s path and the big striker hit a first time shot
into the bottom corner of the net. Zamorano’s header from a corner caused the
Italians major grief, the ball deflected off Reyes and Salas lashed in from close
range. Italy failed to deal with a cross, Maldini’s pass was sent back into the box
by Estay and Salas headed in. Baggio equalised with a World Class display of
cheating, and anyone who says otherwise has no shame, he deliberately kicked
the ball against Fuentes’s hand, the ref, who on more than one occasion favoured
Italy (must be a Buddist) awarded a penalty and the choker scored from the spot.
Typical dirty win for the Italians. Their defence was awful, as usual the eternally
useless Albertini was again useless. Chile’s defending was better than expected
and in midfield Estay was superb. Salas and Zamorano were outstanding in attack,
Zamorano was a constant threat with his renowned aerial ability and Salas was
instinct personified in front of goal. 

Attendance : 35,000

Polster 91						Njanka 77 

A distressingly poor game came to life when Njanka ran from the half way, past
the Austrian defence, left Feiersinger on his arse with a rude dummy and whacked
the ball into the top right corner. Polster grabbed a last minute equaliser when he
smashed in the ball from close range after Cameroon failed to deal with a corner.

Attendance : 36,000

17 June 1998

Salas 69							Vastic 91 

A Norman Wisdom special (legendary, bumbling, English comedian) gifted
Chile a deserved goal. Inevitably, Zamorano headed in a from a free kick, Konsel
blocked the shot, Salas hit the rebound off his thigh, Konsel dived, saved the shot
and then inexplicably pulled the ball back over his goaline. Vastic received the ball
on the edge of the box, skipped past a defender and curled a brilliant shot into the
top corner. Another fortunate last minute equaliser from Austria and a terrible
lapse of concentration costs Chile dear.

Attendance : 30,392

Di Biagio 7
Vieri 74, 88 

Di Biagio headed in Baggio’s cross. Kalla was sent off for a heinous two footed foul
on Di Biagio. Vieri chipped the ‘keeper from Moriero’s pass and Moriero was also
involved in the third goal, he picked out Del Piero in the box, Del Piero attempted
to set-up Vieri, the ball hit a Cameroon player, Wome tried to shield the ball back
to the ‘keeper but Songo didn’t come off his line and Vieri was left with a tap-in.
Cameroon dominated the early part of the second half. They played some superb
football and it was glorious to see Ndo humiliate the lazy twat Maldini but
Cameroon never really created any clear cut chances and once Vieri had put Italy
2-0 up the Cameroon players lost the plot and were flying into tackles all over the

Red Card(s) : Kalla 42 (Cameroon)
Attendance : 35,000

23 June 1998

Sierra 20						Mbomba 55

Chile won a free kick on the edge of the box when Song kicked Zamorano.
Sierra scored only the third free kick of the tournament and the first
without any deflections. Oman-Biyik’s cross was headed in by Mbomba.

Once Chile scored they sat back and with their defence it was no surprise
that Cameroon eventually pulled a goal back, in fact Cameroon were unlucky
to have two goals disallowed, one for offside (not clear from the replays
I have seen) and the other for 'pushing'. Song and Etame were sent off for
fouling Salas, an elbow and wild tackle respectively. Chile will miss two
key players through suspension for the match against Brazil. Even at full
strength it’s hard to see them trouble Brazil.

Red Card(s) : Song 51 (Cameroon), Etame 89 (Cameroon)
Attendance : 45,000

Vieri 48							Herzog 91 (pen)
Baggio 89 

Vieri headed in Del Piero’s free kick. Baggio was left with an open goal
after a one-two with Inzaghi. Herzog converted an injury time penalty
after Reinmayr took a dive in the box.

Lots of playacting thankfully ignored by the ref, other than the last
minute penalty. Boring match.

Attendance : 80,000