21 December 2015

Arsenal 2-1 Man City

Another pathetic tactical display from Pellegrini's team. Those who wonder why City want Guardiola, this is why. Even if they win the league, and they should, they're useless without Kompany. Cripple Walcott scored a brilliant first. Arsenal punished a mistake by Mangala for the second. Mangala will probably become a good defender under a different coach. Lazy twat Toure scored with a ridiculous shot to set up a tense finish but by the time the chances started coming Aguero was off and Bony, who was an appalling first touch, couldn't take them. Arsenal ceded possession as they did against Bayern. The monstrous dipshit on Sky, not a pundit an interviewer, asked Pellegrini if he still believed they could win the title because they had lost 5 games and not team had won the league after suffering that many loses. Pellegrini put him in his place. 6 points off top spot is nothing to worry about at this stage.

Everton 2-3 Leicester

This was a typical Martinez performance. His teams are a soft touch. They're nice to watch but they fold. Barkley is fantastic and wouldn't look out of place in any side. Leicester need to add a bit more depth. If they keep everyone fit there's no reason they can't finish in the top 4. Leicester were too fast for Everton.

Watford 3-0 Liverpool

Given how great their defence is, this was always going to be tough for Liverpool. Ighalo made Skrtel look like a pansy as he pushed him off to make it 2-0. Deeney was unplayable. He's an absolute beast, a bull of a man. Watford were in total control. They've signed Iturbe with an option to buy. He's an incredible talent with a hell of a shot. If he recaptures his Verona form he'll light up the league.

Quique Sanchez Florez is a top tier coach and I don't think him moving was a gamble. Given the vast resources available to all EPL clubs he probably fancied his chances of doing well. Another season like this and he'll be in line for one of the 'big teams'.

Frosinone 2-4 Milan

Mihajlovic played 4-4-2. Milan fell behind but whacked Frosinone in the second half. Going forward they're very good. Bacca is amazing. He has something like 8 goals from 16 shots on target. The main problem is midfield is Montolivo. He's shit and he's slow. Bonaventura is fantastic as of course is the giant 16 year old goalkeeper, Dormammu (Donnarumma). Mihajlovic fields an Italian top heavy side, 7/11. They paid over the odds for Romagnoli and Bonaventura but nonetheless this is a team heading in the right direction. There's talk of hiring Mourinho and Conte but Mihajlovic is doing fine and I'll boycott the side if they bring in that Juve scum Conte. The problem at Milan will always be Galliani. The only thing that annoys me more than Galliani is ISIS. The lovely Barbara needs to get him bumped off. Real Madrid 10-2 Vallecano

Some charitable refereeing let that lousy fat bastard Benitez off the hook, they were 1-2 down. When Bale scored his 4th, Ronaldo smashed the ball in disgust because he was unable to complete his hat-trick. He's a complete wanker on the pitch but a fine man off it.


Brighton 0-3 Middlesbrough

In this top of the table class my home team ended the unbeaten run of Brighton with an EPL level display. Boro's defending was outstanding and they passed the ball superbly well. They're similar to Watford, a well coached team who defend like Italians. Karanka has the makings of a great coach.

Jimmy Hill

Football legend Jimmy Hill, the man who was responsible for the abolition of the minimum wage and 3 points for a win, among other things, died aged 87 after losing a battle with Alzheimer's. God bless him.

RSS Fantasy League Standings

Bayern Eunuch are still desperately clinging onto first place as my team continue their inevitable march to the top.

1. Bayern Eunuch. John Knapp. 912
2. Bloody Sunday. Mohammed Mehdi. 901
3. headless pigeons. Binder Dundat. 893
4. High Hopes. Keith Powell. 861
5. B & W Propagandists. Daniele P. 858
6. Serie A Rejects. Marco P. 825
7. BeNeVolants. Michael Hynes. 807
8. BatraciensMH. Michael Hynes. 792
9. LilyWeiss. Lily White. 771
10. Bundesliga Glory Hun. Bob Quyon. 748