30 October 2001


Sergen volleyed Karan's clever flick on past Lodewijks. Sas played a one-two with Sergen, ran into the box and resisted attempts to go down after Ooijer foolishly tried to elbow him, his centre was turned in at the far post by Arif.

Assists : Karan, Sas

16 OCTOBER 2001


Fiore let Mendieta's chipped cross bounced twice before cracked a half volley into the bottom corner from a tight angle. Lopez smashed home a penalty won by guess who? Yep Inzaghi Jr. Kezman tapped in from close range a minute later.

Assists : Mendieta, Inzaghi, Heintze



Two headed goals in the opening minutes. Fabbri punished Lazio for taking three hours to clear a corner. Couto, who shouldn't have been playing (one rule for Davids & Couto another for Maradona) from Fiore's free kick. Defender Armaud scored the goal of the tournament so far. He ran 50yds, cut inside Favalli and placed the ball into the top corner. Armaud was also involved in the third. His pass found Ziani who scored at the second attempt. 1-3, bye bye Dino Zoff.

"We have decided to hold a meeting tomorrow to discuss what has happened and try to explain the situation we are in and then we will decide. We want to discuss things in a calm manner." - Sergio Cragnotti

"I would like to thank the fans who cheered and supported me. We started really badly. Things got better when it went 1-1 but the players were just not motivated and it got worse and worse. I was particularly disappointed with Hernan Crespo and Claudio Lopez." - Dino Zoff

Assists : Armaud, Fiore


Bruggink took out his marker with a great dummy, spun round onto Kezman's pass and lifted the ball over the 'keeper. Faber headed Van Bommel's free kick past Mondragon. Umit's shot deflected in off Faber. Kezman scored a tap in on the counter attack.

Assists : Kezman, Van Bommel, Lucius



Andre ran between two defenders onto Armaud's diagonal ball and shot weakly at Waterreus who somehow managed to let the ball slip through his fingers. Quint made it 2-0 from the spot following a foul on Armaud. Wilfred Dalmat skipped past Nikiforov's pathetic challenge, flew past Waterreus and tapped into an empty net. Vahirua volleyed Ziani's cross past poor Waterreus who was devoid of any protection all night from his so called defence. The usually awesome Italian TV managed to miss the PSV goal. Apparently it was stunning 25yd drive.

Assists : Armaud (x2), Ziani (x2), Fabbri